Guangdong price and solar street lamps lighting time dynamic | | industry lighting: the relationship between rural solar led street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Guangdong solar street light is made full integration control lights, but when night comes, the solar controller induction surface brightness, but the brightness down must value the time automatically turned on the power, then start timing lights, it is the lighting time users in the procurement is to design a good time. This is the simple working principle of solar street lamps in guangdong, the user purchase to know guangdong solar street light price, it is necessary to know its configuration requirements, the simplest is to must know how much it needs to achieve illumination time. Why is the most basic must know guangdong solar energy street lamp lighting time, because of its day lighting time is proportional to guangdong solar street light price. Only when we know the need of lighting time, manufacturer can only to match reasonably according to the requirements of this solar system parameters, make its subsistence to the solar energy is enough to give the energy needed to its lighting time. That the configuration of the solar wattage and decides the price of solar street lamps, guangdong general manufacturer design lighting time of 6 hours, lighting time can be from 1 hour to any set of night lighting, of course, can also be from dark to dawn, but each additional hours of illumination, the guangdong solar street light price will rise accordingly, so guangdong price and solar street lamps lighting time is inseparable from it.
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