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GravityLight Gravity Light: lighting with gravity

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-13
Although people have used computers, televisions and various modern household appliances and digital products in developed areas, there are still 1. 5 billion people in underdeveloped areas who need kerosene lamps for lighting. A product called GravityLight hopes to help people in these areas solve this problem. GravityLight has previously developed solar LED lights for some villages in Africa. They now hope to use a different free energy source to generate electricity, which is gravity. At present, they are raising funds for this project through the crowdfunding platform. GravityLight is an LED lamp. As long as the user lifts a bag weighing 9 kg that comes with GravityLight, it can generate enough energy to achieve 30 minutes of lighting. This LED lamp does not require rechargeable batteries or energy at all, which means there is no cost to use. GravityLight is designed to charge other devices, such as radios and rechargeable batteries. These devices can be connected to an interface on the front panel of GravityLight. The brightness of GravityLight can be adjusted according to the needs of users or to prolong the lighting time. GravityLight's team hopes to reduce the price of this product to less than $5, which will attract people in poor areas to give up kerosene lamps and switch to this new lighting tool. A study by the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Illinois shows that kerosene lamps may cause more damage to the environment and human health than previously expected. At present, GravityLight's team is trying to raise 5. 50 thousand US dollars to manufacture and sell at least 1000 GravityLight for people in Africa and India. They also plan to improve design and efficiency in actual use.
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