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GE uses LED lights to set up sensors to present Rio Olympics power and beauty

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-11
The newly opened 2016 Rio Olympics is a great opportunity for athletes to show themselves. Using sensors and LED lights, GE enables athletes to express their strength and beauty in a way that enables athletes to draw a special work with light. In order to successfully present the performance of athletes, GE has designed and produced several sensors to capture different state changes during human movement, including acceleration, muscle activity and pulse. Steve Pepe, a commercial marketer at GE, said: GE uses sensors to receive analog pulses and convert signals into digital information, with customized software measurement and noise processing, the analog signal is then converted into a series of different red, green and blue LED lights. GE uses the collected information to control the characteristics of the light, such as intensity, color, and frequency. According to Pepe, the information received from the sensor is converted into light at a rate of 240 updates per second, thus reflecting the athlete's activities very accurately. These LED lights become digital brushes, and slow-motion photography and time-lapse exposure photography can visualize the light and present the flexible changes of the athlete's posture. The members participating in this lighting program are a group of excellent athletes. Gymnast Josh Dixon, pole vaulter KortneyRoss, weightlifter Donovan Ford and volleyball player Angela Bensend are all involved. They put on sensors and LED lights to record the whole process. Trevon Jenifer, a basketball player who participated in the Paralympic Olympics, and Sarah Hammer, a free driver of the venue, also joined the experiment. They are all members of the US team of the Rio. Pepe speculates that in the future, when watching sports events, immediate knowledge of athletes' physical changes may become the norm. At the same time, the function of lighting system may be more than that. GE is currently closely developing intelligent LED lighting system to actively respond to environmental and action information.
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