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GE teamed up with Qualcomm to promote LED Indoor Positioning Technology

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-15
Intelligent Networking applications will be more diverse. GE and Qualcomm (Qualcomm) A few days ago, it was announced that the two companies will cooperate to provide retailers with a way to connect with users' smart phones through LED bulb embedding technology, to provide retailers with accurate and real-time positioning information to help them use App to bring more personalized shopping experience to consumers. JeffBisberg, general manager of GE Lighting indoor positioning, said that what consumers need today is a customized experience. They hope that the news, games and products that they often contact in life can be more personalized by high-tech drive; In view of this, GE provides customers with safer and more complete LED solutions through this cooperation. It is understood that this cooperation program can produce pulse signals through LED bulb embedded technology, and connect with consumers' smartphones or tablets to provide retailers with high and real-time positioning information, enable retailers to use applications to provide consumers with personalized shopping experiences, such as publishing specific coupon messages according to the location of consumers. According to Google's survey, consumers are eager to learn more about their products and enjoy a personalized experience during shopping; But in fact, 2/3 of the customers can't find the goods they want to buy in the physical store; 43 people will be disappointed to leave the store; In addition, more than 71 consumers believe that searching for relevant product information on the Internet is more convenient than searching in the store, so the networking function has become a crucial part of their shopping experience. In response to this trend, retailers can strengthen the search engine of electronic platforms to make more links with consumers. For example, retailers can provide local store information to consumers on the Internet, and through the network to build a personalized experience for consumers to create new marketing opportunities. In addition to retail stores, GE's LED Indoor Positioning technology can also be used in airports, hotels, hospitals and other occasions.
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