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GE releases LED smart lighting vision white paper

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-14
From incandescent lamp to LED era, GE Lighting has been keeping pace with the times and has always been committed to creating an overall green lighting solution. Recently, with the State Council Premier Li Keqiang in the State Council executive meeting chaired by the future work focus: deployment to accelerate the implementation of China's manufacturing 2025, to achieve manufacturing upgrade; It emphasizes the need to conform to the development trend of the Internet, with the deep integration of informatization and industrialization as the main line, focusing on the development of intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and other technologies. Green intelligent lighting has become the future development focus of GE Lighting in China. As one of the forward-looking Enterprises, GE group first proposed the concept of industrial internet, which integrates the physical world and the data world to create a future smart manufacturing. The boundaries between the physical world and the digital world are increasingly blurred. Cloud-based analysis (Big data)With industrial equipment (Big Machine) The integration of has created huge potential opportunities for improving productivity. Due to the rapid decline in the cost of electronic sensors and data storage and processing, we can now fully exploit the huge amount of data generated by industrial equipment. With advanced analytical capabilities, we can gain insight and improve efficiency. Thus, wisdom-- The collective wisdom of human beings integrated by digital communication networks--It will become stronger and bigger. Relying on the development platform of large groups, GE Lighting has long foreseen that the development of lighting technology will tend to integrate intelligent technology in the future when LED lighting technology continues to develop and break through. Intelligent lighting will become an access point for intelligent cities and intelligent life. The characteristics of GE Lighting equipment in terms of simple maintenance, high energy efficiency and flexible adjustment are the specific characteristics of the concept of smart city; The application of wireless remote control, Big Data Utilization and other technologies in GE Lighting system reflects the trend of industrial internet. A typical example of this is GE Lighting's current research and development direction: intelligent lighting control, a representative LightGrid system. The LightGrid system is a solid part of GE's smart city development. As an advanced road lighting system, LightGrid incorporates many industry functions, such as measurement, energy management, wireless central control, brightness control, data acquisition and communication, and security functions. At the same time, GE has developed LED lighting lamps as the carrier of indoor positioning system, realizing the scientific and technological dream of consumers to remotely control lighting, it opens a new chapter for smart home and creates great value for customers. As one of the five energy-consuming areas, lighting will continue to upgrade its energy consumption with the continuous development of the city. Therefore, it is urgent to reduce the energy consumption of lighting through intelligent technology. Chen Wei, general manager of GE Lighting China, said: at present, compared with traditional technology, LED technology has been able to save nearly 40-70. However, with the continuous progress of population and society, in the future urban development, the lighting field should increase its efforts to alleviate environmental pollution. In the context of the industrial internet, the interconnection between machines, equipment and computers allows us to access big data to promote productivity and efficiency. And we just need to integrate intelligence into lighting products to ensure their ability to generate data that can be used for decision-making, thus improving energy efficiency and better improving people's lifestyle. In the future, as the core of GE Lighting development, the Chinese market, with the release of China's future manufacturing Action Plan, GE Lighting will learn from overseas advanced technologies and focus on domestic development background, in order to build a brand-new and sustainable smart city in China, the localization development strategy for China will be implemented more deeply in China.
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