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GE Lighting will light up the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-14
GE Lighting recently announced that it will reach a partnership with Iwasaki Electric Co. , Ltd. to jointly provide a stronger lighting product portfolio for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to meet the needs of the Olympic organizing committee. In 1973, GE and Iwasaki Electric established a joint venture--EYE Lighting System Company ( EYELightingSystemsCorporation). In the past 40 years, EYE lighting has been producing lighting equipment for sports fields, gymnasiums and other sports facilities in Japan. Through this cooperative production, GE Lighting will provide LED lighting solutions for the competition venues of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. According to the assumption, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will become a grand event in the history of the Olympic Games, with LED lighting fully installed in the competition venues. Compared with traditional lighting equipment, installing LED lights in the venue can save about 50% of energy. Because of the long service life of the product, LED lamps will also significantly reduce the cost of lighting maintenance. LED lighting can also ensure uniform lighting, so that athletes can concentrate on the competition and play a good level. The organizer can also instantly adjust the light and shade to achieve various stage effects. GE Lighting has reliable performance in developing and selling LED Systems for indoor and outdoor stadiums. GE Lighting also has reliable performance in providing new lighting solutions based on new technical expertise to support the next generation of sustainable infrastructure in cities. In particular, as an official Olympic partner, GE Lighting is recognized for providing standardized lighting products in Olympic venues. At present, GE Lighting is working with the organizing committees of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to support the operation of the Olympic Games by installing infrastructure equipment. At the same time, Iwasaki Electric specializes in LED lighting environment in Japan and has a variety of LED product lines, which are applied to various lighting application environments from commercial facilities to outdoor lighting. This year, Iwasaki Electric stood out in various sports lighting systems and transformed the lighting facilities of Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama into LED lighting for night games. Iwasaki Electric is also a Japanese professional baseball outdoor night game lighting facility. Iwasaki Electric also has a huge network all over the country, providing a full range of services. This cooperation will integrate the good technical expertise of the two companies to jointly develop advanced LED lighting products and excellent lighting solutions for the successful hosting of the 2020 Olympic Games.
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