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GE Lighting terminates the 'Dealer Agreement' event continues to ferment

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-12
GE chose to retreat from the Asia-Pacific region in a profitable state and admired the American's judgment and execution. It only hurt the dealers, the owners, the designers and the employees. In the era of We-media, GE still uses a page of A4 paper to deal with the remaining problems stiffly, instead of actively seeking a way out and reducing the losses of both sides, unlike a top enterprise, damaged the image of GE, recently, dozens of General Electric (GE) Dealers jointly protested that GE's joint statement of suddenly terminating the dealer agreement exploded in the lighting circle. At the same time, this statement was successively supported by lighting industry leaders and media people all over the country after it was issued, many former GE manager executives call or WeChat message support. Joint statement distributors share part of the support message in the circle: GE Lighting terminates the 'Dealer Agreement' event continues to ferment, the former national manager of GE lights served as the president of several famous Chinese lighting companies: this time I resolutely transferred the joint statement of GE dealers and felt that GE was so simple and rude to the dealers. The former Asia-Pacific market manager of GE consumer and industry group is now the general manager of an international talent training company: Senior executives of GE Lighting Appliances and industrial systems do not know enough about the Asia-Pacific business market, and they are arrogant and self-righteous, the main reason for GE's defeat in China was the distrust of local Chinese people. GE's handling of this incident was inappropriate and fully supported the joint statement of GE dealers. The former general manager of GE Lighting in China is now the general manager of the Asia Pacific region of the top 500 in the United States: he has been in GE China lighting for more than 10 years, and GE is extremely wrong for customers, he supported GE dealers to jointly declare that the sales boss of the former China lighting company is now settled in the United States: he is stunned and irresponsible, so regardless of the face of the withdrawal, there is really no style! Dealers have to jointly appeal, not only the media support to take legal proceedings, GE headquarters will not ignore the overall reputation because of a Lighting department, there should be a chance to get compensation. The former general manager of GE Lighting China channel is now PHILIPS Sales Manager: this is the behavior of the company that puts honesty in place and its reputation for a hundred years! Shenzhen GE supplier boss: enterprises that cannot be localized make everyone tired and have no good results. GE only relies on monopoly industries such as aircraft engines to make money in industries that have not opened for 10 years. The original GE industrial system industry sales manager: The Monk can't run the temple. He joined GE Lighting in and is currently the media boss of the lighting industry: GE is characterized by quick success and instant benefits. Just left the GE Lighting Market Manager, the current European company marketing manager: the dealer is trapped in this matter. Big companies also have to reason. The manager of GE's 10-year marketing experience is currently the marketing manager of the European technology company: it is time to look at the company's core values. There are countless eyes on the inside and outside. A sales manager of a European company: GE chose to retreat from Asia-Pacific in a profitable state. He admired the judgment and execution of Americans, but he only hurt dealers, owners, designers and employees. In the era of We-media, GE still uses a page of A4 paper to deal with the remaining problems stiffly, instead of actively seeking a way out and reducing the losses of both sides, unlike a top enterprise, it damages GE's image and hurts the hearts of dealers who love GE. General manager Zhao of Dalian, a big customer of GE Power generation: to make a voice, support the joint statement of GE dealers, GE does not pay attention to the rights and interests of dealers, but also contempt for the interests of Chinese users. A group of netizens also commented on GE's move. The arrival of the LED lighting era has changed the pattern of traditional lighting. Chinese LED enterprises came from behind in the LED lighting era, approaching or even pushing back the traditional lighting giants with cost performance. Faced with the impact of Chinese enterprises, the lighting market is moving towards meager profits. In order to escape the impact of performance losses in this part of the market, in the past two years, international traditional lighting giants have transformed in various ways, and Philips and Osram have abandoned the general lighting business, japanese and Korean companies such as Samsung and Panasonic have reduced their lighting business, while GE, which originated from Edison, has successively closed traditional lighting factories, it also plans to withdraw from two markets with low gross profit and small market revenue in Asia or Latin America. For GE, its lighting business accounts for only 2 of the company's sales. Moreover, the popularity of GE Lighting brand is mainly concentrated in the North American market, and the revenue scale of the entire Chinese market may only account for about 10 of GE Lighting's total revenue. Chen Wei, general manager of GE Lighting China, once said to the public. Perhaps due to the small impact on its own revenue, GE disregarded the interests of the Chinese dealers who cooperated with it, and suddenly terminated the tough way of the 'Dealer Agreement' with a short three official words to withdraw from the Chinese lighting market. This makes people not have a little preparation, and the irresponsible practice of not proposing corresponding compensation measures is like running away. It is really irritating, and it does not reflect the style and industry morality of large enterprises. With the further fermentation of the incident, this will also damage GE's brand image in the Chinese market. How will GE deal with this matter? It is still to be traced.
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