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GE Lighting Launches natural light LED table lamp with ultra-low blue light content

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-12
The harm of blue light to human body has always been an additional panic brought about by scientific and technological innovation. How to solve the problem that commercial lighting equipment does not clearly mark the blue light detection standard, LEDinside industry information platform pointed out, consumers can first screen from the color temperature label on the package. Warm light color temperature is lower, cold light color temperature is higher; The higher the color temperature, the more obvious the Blue Light Peak is. Furthermore, it is a very correct judgment standard to inquire whether the official release of the product is complete. GE Lighting, a well-known lighting brand in the United States, said that lamps with low blue light and high color rendering not only meet the needs of consumers to show real colors, but also achieve the advantages of eye protection. It is also the current trend in the LED market. GE Lighting introduces a new ultra-low blue Beauty White Edison natural light table lamp, which improves color rendering through patented bubble shell coating to approach Ra95 high color rendering of natural light, breaking through the specifications of the commercially available table lamp Ra80 color performance, warm white 3000k warm light color bulb is suitable for long-term reading, and the design is more in line with the national CNS Certification and international standard IEC62471 light-free biological hazards, and no ultraviolet rays, it is one of the low blue light detection values of LED lamps. GE strange lighting new double-arm eye protection table lamp has special anti-fouling treatment. The lampshade is not only anti-static but also easy to clean without contamination, thus improving the defect that the use function and quality are affected by dust accumulation in lamps and lanterns in the home. In addition, the desk lamp enhances environmental protection, and the bulb is replaced by a replaceable replacement to extend the service life of the product.
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