GE Lighting completed the lighting project of many museums in Germany and China

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-14
Recently, GE Lighting has completed lighting projects in many museums in the United States and Germany. These projects not only display GE Lighting's professional lighting scheme, but also add bright colors to the upcoming autumn museum exhibition. The science storm exhibition at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry in the United States explores physics and optics and provides interactive learning experiments for visitors of all ages: including a 40 feet-foot Whirlpool tornado composed of water vapor and light, A spinning avalanche disc with a diameter of 20 feet and an automatic heliostat. When they are illuminated, the light wave pattern will be shown from the ceiling to the audience below. Germany's famous Museum of Contemporary Art Collection-- K20 art museum in Dusseldorf, nearly one lighting solution expansion project combines new and old building lighting and seamlessly integrates sunlight and electric light sources using structural elements and other mechanical functions. The lighting scheme of TerraMineralia, the Saxony museum in Germany, shows more than 5000 kinds of chemical minerals from different continents, highlighting the architectural style in the mid-12th century. This lighting scheme guides tourists to visit through key lighting and point light sources, and presents the attributes of minerals.
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