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GE China R & D center launches a new generation of LED tunnel lighting system

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-14
In order to support the development of green lighting in tunnels in mainland China, the lighting engineering team of GE China research and development center recently launched an independent research and development of LED tunnel lighting system. GE China Research and Development Center pointed out that, its advanced modular design saves energy by 45 compared with traditional lighting systems, and its service life is as high as 10 years, which is four times the service life of traditional fluorescent lamps and two to three times the service life of traditional high-strength gas lamps. The National Development and Reform Commission of China recently released a draft of China's roadmap for phasing out incandescent lamps. LED lighting will undoubtedly become a good choice for the future green lighting era. GE China Research and Development Center pointed out that the research and development was through the joint efforts of its Shanghai and Xi 'an research and development engineers to creatively introduce this LED tunnel lighting system with modular design. Its characteristics emphasize that, the modular design of enables the system to achieve a power upgrade of 40 to 120 watts through one or two optical module components (That is, there is no need to redesign every 20 watts) So as to easily meet the lighting requirements of different tunnels and different sections in the same tunnel. Mainland China is one of the countries with fast tunnel development in the world, and tunnel lighting is an indispensable part of tunnel construction. At present, GE has 200 thousand sets of traditional lights used in tunnels in major cities in China. In response to the requirements of Chinese customers to use LED tunnel lights, GE China Research and Development Center's lighting engineering teams in Shanghai and Xi 'an began to design this high-performance tunnel lighting system for Chinese customers in early 2011. In addition to meeting the needs of the Chinese market, GE China research and development center is also implementing its investment commitment to the Chinese government. Jeff, Chairman and CEO of GE- Imel announced in Beijing in November 2010 that GE will invest 0. 5 billion US dollars in strengthening research and development activities and establishing multiple innovation centers in China in the next three years, better serve the Southwest, Northwest, Northeast and Central Markets. He also promised to invest more than $1. 5 billion in new joint ventures. The future innovation center will be committed to bringing GE's technology and innovation advantages to China, including advanced lighting technology, these innovation centers will also form synergies with GE's research and development institutions in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuxi.
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