Full analysis of LED market in 2015: Upper and Lower midstream markets have their own emphases-ALLTO

Full analysis of LED market in 2015: Upper and Lower midstream markets have their own emphases

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-07
Whether it is LED or non-LED market demand, sapphire equipment and material manufacturers are facing a trend of large-size development. Monocrystal has introduced 140 of crystal and aims to make products mainstream mass production to improve efficiency. PSS manufacturers with good physical fitness, including Ruijie, Zhaoyuan, Dongguan Zhongjia and Huashun, also completed the expansion of production at the end of last year and this year, in response to the demand of LED chip market. In addition, in addition to the LED application market, handheld application devices have also continued to become the focus of attention. Zhaoyuan and Ruijie have successively displayed Sapphire protection screen products to meet the needs of mobile phone brand manufacturers. Cooling glue: Dow Corning organic silicon material helps to improve LED lighting design and performance new LED lighting design must provide higher lumen density and function, withstand a wider temperature range, and simplify lamp assembly, and help the rapid penetration of new generation lighting systems to reduce product weight and cost to a greater extent. For packaging applications, Dow Corning introduced fluorescent powder patches for CSP products, providing design flexibility, improving the uniformity of fluorescent powder, and improving the cost reduction outside the packaging process. On the Assembly of the lamps, Dow Corning introduced an anti-drop coating when the lighting products were subjected to improper external forces (Earthquake) When falling, the shell will not be scattered due to falling, causing personal injury. In addition, it also has light transmission and light guide functions, which can better meet the special light distribution requirements. This product can be applied to the field of commercial lighting and vehicle lighting. Industrial lighting market will become 2015- The key energy-saving effect of LED packaging and lighting manufacturers in 2016 can make industrial lighting more cost-recovery and competitive than household lighting under long-term use, there are more sufficient incentives for the industry to replace LED patio lamp products. In addition LED lighting product performance of improve and price of further reduce plus industrial lighting products profit is with advantage industrial lighting market will become 2015- The focus of competition between LED packaging and lighting manufacturers in 2016. South Asia Optoelectronics said that after the product is used, there is a chance to improve it; In the past four years, we have accumulated the performance of many customers inside and outside the group, and through strict market inspection and challenges, we have refined the product positioning of high quality and low price. South Asia Optoelectronics plans to develop into the industrial lighting market from 2012. Tianjing lamp products cover 140 W- 250W provides requirements for different illuminance and brightness spaces, and its application fields include parking lots and storage spaces; Explosion-proof lamps also have the characteristics of pressure resistance and explosion prevention and are applied in their own petrochemical plants. At the same time, the use of Formosa Plastics Group's resources in a considerable number of factories across Taiwan, in addition to the petrochemical industry, also across the textile, electronic high-tech, power generation, steel, hospitals, health villages and other fields, south Asia Optoelectronics is the main provider of lighting solutions. It supplies production lines and office lighting, shopping mall lighting, street lamps and outdoor lighting. Over the past few years, under the test of time and weather, it has obtained a cost-effective evaluation. South Asia optoelectronics company insists on providing one-stop service under the principle of TOTALSOLUTION. In addition, the South Asian DLC bulbs can be seen at the exhibition hall, and the Energy Star is up to standard and has achieved all-round light and light weight product design. At the same time, Yiguang electronics and Delta Electronics display indoor commercial lighting, outdoor parking lot and street lamp product solutions. The lighting solutions are fully developed to provide market-oriented solutions. In terms of street lamps, Yiguang shows a new generation of intelligent dolphin street lamps and Victory street lamp series, which are beautiful in appearance and good in performance. They won the 2012 and 2013 Taiwan top quality awards respectively and insisted on making in Taiwan, it also introduces intelligent lighting system services, and regularly transmits street lamp information with the street lamp monitoring module to match with the cloud system, so as to achieve the initiative of street lamp monitoring services, the information of street lamp status and fault information display, etc, it is expected to reduce the maintenance time of street lamp failures, improve the people's rigid passive impression that government units need to be notified before handling, and improve the overall public's satisfaction with street lamp lighting. This intelligent street lamp can also use colorful LED to change the appearance and color of lamps and lanterns, and set different tone control effects according to the festival requirements of different environments.
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