From the development trend of LED street light to understand its advantages and disadvantages

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
LED street lamp production can't be said it is a very perfect lamp products, believe that any one product is difficult to guarantee a perfect, but at the moment the development trend of LED lights, its advantages will far outnumber its disadvantages, enough to let people accept to use. Advantage is that the LED street lamp production theory can completely uniform within the target area, it can also avoid the traditional light source & other; Under the lamp light & throughout; Waste phenomenon of light; WenKeXuan and color, so in the application of different occasions, and improve efficiency, reduce as the an important way of wood; Is a large space and technology progress. LED outdoor lamps as a point source, if the design is reasonable, to a large extent can directly solve the traditional spherical light source must rely on light emission to solve the problem of quadratic took the light and the light loss; On the surface of the light irradiation uniformity under control. And the use of LED lights is sure, the current LED street light price is too high, the current design and manufacturing standards is chaotic, damage ratio is high, and affect the service life of LED. So in the engineering installation into wood increased proportion also not too high, the application of space is larger, in the civil. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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