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Four new trends in LED industry

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-30
The recent Guangzhou lighting exhibition and related forums found. According to the new trend, we believe that the fundamentals of the industry are still good, and we have been paying attention to several types of companies for a long time: 1) Sunshine and other application manufacturers that are expected to benefit from the tide of intelligent lighting, as well as controller enterprises such as topang; 2) Sanan, Dehao and other companies that have made breakthroughs in the field of high-voltage chips and flip chips; 3) Packaging manufacturers at the forefront of COB and EMC technologies, such as Hongli and Ruifeng; 4) Hongli, Ruifeng, Changfang and other packaging companies that are vertically integrated in advance. Intelligent lighting has become a hot spot in the exhibition. At this exhibition, Philips and other major brands rushed to launch new intelligent lighting products. Lighting manufacturers are generally open to platforms such as Apple Homekit. It is expected that the cooperation between lighting manufacturers and technology giants is a high probability event. Regarding the connection mode, Philips and other major manufacturers have set up an alliance to promote Zigbee. The potential value of intelligent lighting is huge. Enterprises have positioned intelligent lamps as the entrance to the Internet, which will provide more derivative services with high added value, and the industry ecology will be greatly changed. At the same time, creating a better light environment is also one of the purposes of intelligent lighting. In the future, the light environment can be reshaped according to people's needs, thus closely combining with health care. High Voltage and flip chip are still hot spots in the market. The new high-voltage chip products of this exhibition are more and more mature than in the past, and the downstream acceptance has improved. Flip chip is expected to replace traditional formal chip in high power and some backlight applications. We believe that flip chip will not be widely promoted in the short term, but we need to continue to pay attention to its changes in the long-term pattern of the industry. It is recommended to pay attention to chip manufacturers such as Sanan and Dehao. COB and EMC packaging are more mainstream. And in the current common medium power market, the two packaging forms have gradually consolidated their status. We believe that COB module packaging and EMC packaging cater to the mainstream lighting application trend, and we suggest to actively pay attention to the leading packaging manufacturers, such as Ruifeng and Hongli. In addition, the trend of free packaging is also the theme of the exhibition.
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