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Forecast of LED lighting market development trend in 2017

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-13
In December 30, 2016, National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance Industry Research Institute (CSA Research) The white paper on the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry in 2016 was released. The white paper makes an expected analysis of the industrial development in 2017. CSA Research points out that in 2017, new technologies and economic changes such as intelligence, internet and shared economy will be carried out, it will accelerate the progress of semiconductor lighting technology and the expansion of application fields. At the same time, with the successive introduction and implementation of national plans and projects such as the 13th Five-Year Plan for semiconductor lighting industry and the fourth phase of green lighting, the semiconductor lighting industry will usher in new development opportunities and challenges in 2017. I. Continuous breakthroughs in basic and cutting-edge technologies and further improvement in lighting quality CSA Research points out that the light efficiency of silicon-based Yellow Light LED is expected to exceed 140lm/W, and the external quantum efficiency of deep ultraviolet LED will also be increased to about 15, the output power will exceed 30mW at room temperature, which will accelerate the penetration of ultraviolet LED in the field of sterilization and purification; With the gradual resolution of problems such as materials, reliability and price, CSP's cost-performance advantage has gradually become prominent and is expected to realize large-scale production. In addition, in order to improve the light quality, it is necessary to further strengthen the applied basic theoretical research such as color rendering, non-visual effect and visual comfort; In the aspects of light biological safety and light medical treatment, combining physiology, medicine, psychology, sociology, etc. , the research on the influence mechanism of light on physiology and pathology is studied, gradually establish a quantitative evaluation system supported by big data. Second, the trend of Application Segmentation is obvious. Niche market may become a new growth point. CSA Research said that in 2016, small-pitch display, vehicle LED, mobile phone LED flash and other market segments received attention; Innovative applications such as biological agriculture, light medical treatment, communication, safety, sterilization and disinfection will become new growth points and long-term growth drivers after the replacement stage. With the promotion of urbanization, the Internet of Things and the construction of smart cities, small-pitch LED will continue to exert its power in the field of large-screen splicing, accelerate its penetration, and compete strongly with DLP and LCD products. It is expected that in 2017, the domestic small-pitch LED market continues to grow rapidly, with a growth rate of more than 40. However, the overall trend of automotive LED is on the rise, and the market size is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan in 2017. The market size of UVLED in 2017 can reach 2. US $0. 7 billion is expected to exceed 1/3 of the entire UV light source market, thus forming a situation of confrontation with UV mercury vapor lamps. Third, industrial resources are further concentrated, and cross-border integration has become the mainstream. CSA Research and Analysis pointed out that large enterprises use the capital market to further gather superior resources through integrated mergers and acquisitions, and continue to grow bigger and stronger. Small and medium-sized enterprises need to deepen the market segment and do their best to find a way out. In addition, in addition to the integration with the new generation of information technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, the integration trend of LED and intelligent manufacturing, LED and cultural industries, manufacturing and services is further obvious, cross-border, integration and development will be the mainstream of 2017 industry. Fourth, the overall growth rate of the market is slowing down, and risk control management needs to be strengthened 2017. The macroeconomic situation at home and abroad is still complicated and changeable. CSA Research believes that the moderate recovery of the United States, Japan, Europe and other economies, as well as the expectation of RMB depreciation, will benefit exports and will slow down the downward trend of LED lighting products exports since 2016. In 2017, the domestic economy is still hovered at the bottom, and with the strict regulation of real estate by the state since October 2016, the braking effect will continue to spread to the building materials industry after several months, it is expected that the growth rate of LED lighting market will slow down in the first half of 2017, while the slowdown in downstream demand will also lead to a decline in the growth rate of the middle and upper reaches. At the same time, the new round of PPI prices that began in the third quarter of 2016 has risen back, and the costs of labor and raw materials for enterprises are likely to pick up. In addition, with the increasing penetration rate of the general lighting market, niche markets such as agricultural lighting, small-pitch display, vehicle LED, uv led and ir led will continue to exert their strength in 2017. Therefore, 2017, enterprises need to pay attention to prevent risks, do a good job in strategy and cost management, and avoid falling into the Red Sea price competition. Fifth, the 13th Five-Year Plan and so on have been introduced one after another, and the 13th Five-Year Plan for semiconductor lighting industry will be released in early 2017, the introduction of the 'planning' will clarify the direction of the industry's next development focus and development mode. In addition, promote the transformation of the semiconductor lighting market and promote new energy-saving and environmentally friendly light sources (Green photo IV)Project (GEF-Sled) The launch of the semiconductor lighting market will play a positive role in promoting the transformation, application demonstration and quality assurance of the semiconductor lighting market. Jiangxi Nanchang and other places will successively introduce specific measures and programs to further increase policy support to promote the rapid agglomeration and development of local industries, and form a unique optical Valley, photoelectric town, and smart town. In addition, with the promotion and implementation of policies such as the 'special plan for promoting scientific and technological innovation cooperation in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative', Chinese enterprises will continue to be promoted to go global.
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