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Forecast of high brightness LED output in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-09
According to DIGITIMESResearch, the annual growth rate of high-brightness LED output value in 2014 will be 12. 5%. 9, 127. US $0. 4 billion. The application products that drive the growth momentum of the industry are LED lighting, tablet computers, mobile devices, vehicles, etc. Based on the number of LED users, the annual growth rate will be 64. 2, 36. 8, 9. 2, 9. 8. In contrast, large-size backlight applications show attenuation. If LED components are used, 2014 notebook computers (NB), Monitor (Monitor)The annual TV reduction rate will be 6. 7, 10. 1, 3. 8. TV backlight application due to the high penetration rate of LEDTV in 2013, the limited growth rate in 2014, and the increase in the proportion of direct LEDTV with less LED backlight, LED to the attenuation of LED usage, although 4KLEDTV can drive the number of backlights to increase, the proportion of the model in the overall TV will still be low, so the overall LEDTV backlight usage will still show attenuation. In the LED lighting market, the market size is estimated to reach 258 in 2014. US $0. 2 billion, with a penetration rate of 23. In terms of amount. 4. Mainly because the shipments of LED bulbs, lamps and spotlights will increase in multiples, but as the price will develop towards parity, the annual growth rate of LED lighting output value will be 38. If the amount of LED components used in lighting products is taken as the basis, the proportion of bulbs will be high in 2014, reaching 36. 8, followed by lamps and spotlights, the specific gravity will be 33. 4, 23. 3.
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