Explanation of solar street light price system dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
How about the price of solar street light? Along with the development of the society, the use of solar energy street light where more and more, let the construction of new countryside construction and city added a lot of fresh color, we all know the configuration of the solar street lamps decides the price of solar street lights, so specific refers to the solar street light configuration? Wikipedia street light small make up to everyone, respectively is cage ( Embedded parts) , cable, lamp posts, lamp shell, LED light source, the battery tank, controller, battery, solar panels and so on nine big parts. And what we call the solar street light configuration is introduced all of these components of the specifications of the size, in which the different specifications of the component, the price would be different. So what should we know how to finalize the configuration of the solar street lamps need? This is actually needs according to their different needs. Here for chestnut, if there are customers to purchase a batch of solar street lamps lighting, then our salesman will first first and you know is installation path is how many meters wide, unilateral X m is the height of lighting lamp; Bilateral into lighting is 0. 5 m x street lamp; The bilateral zigzag lighting is 0. 8 x m high street lamps, such as clearly know need how many meters of street lamp, lamp posts can decided to how much wattage of LED light source is. And then determine the lamps work hours per day, and is expected to district general rainy days, finally calculated the number and place of receipt of the freight, do you want to combine the data of our sales department will make street light quotation for you, then selected street lamp design scheme of the reasonable discount for you.
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