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【Ex-KGFF30】 LED explosion-proof floodlight

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
【Ex-KGFF】 LED explosion-proof floodlight

Application place

Suitable for fixed lighting in petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, factory power, network power, railway, public security, fire protection, lighting engineering and other industries

Suitable for large-area flood lighting in flammable and explosive places such as installation area, jacket, oil-water separation area, etc.

Class Ⅱ district, district

Class Ⅱ district, district

Performance characteristics

Lightweight: Taking full advantage of the small size of the LED light source, the octagonal flat shape is designed to reduce the weight of the lamp.

Energy saving: using OSRAM LED light source, when the current is mA, the luminous flux is LM;

Using constant current drive, electrical efficiency is above%; Power factor is greater than ., system efficiency is higher;

The reflector and reflecting surface adopt vacuum aluminum coating technology to improve reflectivity, thereby improving the overall light efficiency and energy saving.

Anti-glare design: The light source is distributed in a circle of the lamp, which increases the light-emitting area and has a better anti-glare effect.

Long lifespan: The heat dissipation ribs and heat dissipation area are large, which can effectively control the temperature of the LED solder feet, thereby controlling the junction temperature of the LED, so that it is much lower than the maximum junction temperature allowed by the LED, ensuring a longer life of the LED;

The driving circuit adopts the national military standard three-level derating standard design to ensure a longer life of the driving circuit;

The light source is close to the shell, reducing thermal resistance, accelerating heat dissipation, thereby reducing junction temperature;

The shell adopts fin heat dissipation design to increase the heat dissipation area, thereby reducing the junction temperature and prolonging the life of the light source.

Easy to install and maintain: There are three options for lifting ring, ceiling and seat installation, easy to install; Light source cavity, wiring cavity, sub-cavity design, easy wiring and maintenance;

The opening hinge design of the wiring cavity and the light source cavity makes maintenance very convenient and concise; the fixing screw adopts the anti-drop design to reduce the installation and maintenance time.

High protection level: The protection level is IP.

High shell strength: The use of high-strength aluminum alloy material and the design of stiffener structure make the shell stronger and resistant to scorching impact.

Safety design: Strengthen insulation, increase electrical clearance, and ensure electrical safety;

The anti-loose design of the lifting ring ensures the safety of installation; the design of the anti-dropping chain ensures the safety of installation failure.

Technical parameters

Product specifications Input voltage range (V) Rated power (W) Color temperature (K) Color rendering index Luminous flux (lm) Light distribution curve






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