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EVG experts predict that MOCVD sales will fall by 18 in 2012

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-12
According to EVG Thomas Uhrmann and Thorsten Matthias, the demand for LED equipment has gradually shifted from price-driven to technology-driven. LED equipment is showing a trend of more complexity and efficiency. In 2011, LED related equipment sales are outstanding. However, the prospect of capital output in 2012 is very gloomy. Many market analysts say that equipment sales have been declining this year and will drop by 18 this year. In fact, in 2012, the capital output of LED downstream production including flat panel printing, welding, testing, packaging and other links will further increase! Traditionally, the high cost of LED production is the cost of equipment. This is especially true for downstream manufacturing processes after MOCVD growth. However, today, these factors are constantly changing. Facing the development of technology, people have higher and higher requirements for chip lumen and efficiency, thus requiring more complicated production processes and equipment. Some people say that LED manufacturers pay more attention to factors such as higher automation speed, increased throughput and increased output than traditional cost and price concerns. According to the LED production roadmap of the Department of Energy, cost is still an important factor restricting the development of solid-state lighting technology and efficiency. In order to enhance market competitiveness, LED equipment must provide higher efficiency production technology. For this reason, three major elements that LED equipment must have are specified, namely, capital efficiency, floor area efficiency and cost of ownership. EVG's newly developed EVG620HBL has been optimized and upgraded according to these specific indicators. The system can provide 20 throughput in the industry! (Source: Alibaba)
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