Engineering solutions: guangxi solar street light how many money? Dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
You also know that guangxi is the comparatively abundant solar energy resources in China, has a good renewable energy use, and now the environment is more and more serious problem got everyone's attention, energy saving and emission reduction and energy saving effect of the solar street light also arises at the historic moment, that is in such a good position in guangxi nature is also to get a very good application, solar street light in guangxi now use requirements are also increasing, so people are very is focus on how much is the solar street light in guangxi. Guangxi how much solar street lamps, it depends on where it is needed, because the use of different parts of the solar street lamps, also will affect the price of solar street lamps, guangxi mainly is to use a different place, that the required configuration is different also, and configuration affects price, in the municipal road and the demand of rural road use is also different. If used in municipal roads, the guangxi requires more than 8 meters of solar street lamps, because it's brightness and brightness is higher, if 8 meters that is in 340 yuan, but in the rural road use, there is no need for such a high requirements, generally is suggested to install 6 meters of solar street light, the 6 m solar street light price nature is less than 8 m, need to be around 1500. So, if you know how much solar street lights in guangxi, the first is to know where it is to use.
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