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EN6cd01702e816a15ae601b9137e178645 lamp controller requirements EN6cd01702e816a15ae601b9137e178645 lamp controller requirements ground part of the changes are as follows: 1. Protective grounding stipulates that electrical connection or clamping method can effectively prevent loosening, and prevent grounding wire from loosening without tools. For unthreaded terminals, it must meet the requirement that the electrical connection will not loosen under unintentional circumstances. All components of the grounding terminal should be able to minimize electrolytic corrosion caused by contact, including the harm of electrolytic corrosion caused by contact with grounding wires or any other metal components. Screws or grounding terminals can reduce corrosion hazards by using brass or other corrosion-resistant metal or materials with corrosion-resistant surfaces, but at least one contact surface must be bare metal. 2. The provisions of functional grounding the functional grounding terminal first meets the same requirements as the protective grounding of the upper bar. Functional grounded contacts in the controller (Or potential) And the charged body should meet the requirements of double insulation or reinforced insulation. 3. If the protective grounding on PCB board is used as internal grounding, independent, built-in or integral controller, the following requirements need to be met: connect 25 A of alternating current to the ground terminal or the ground trace on the PCB board and each metal part that can be contacted for 1 minute. 4. The grounding of the built-in controller the built-in controller can achieve the purpose of grounding by fixing it on the grounding lamp housing. If the controller has a ground terminal, this ground terminal can only be used for the ground of the built-in controller. Grounding of lamps or other equipment is not allowed to be realized through the built-in controller. 5. Independent controller grounding a) Grounding connection to other equipment the grounding terminal of the independent lamp controller allows connection to other equipment during installation. For loop-mounted or pass-through wiring, the conductor cross-sectional area of the conductor is at least 1,5mm? And is copper or similar conductor material. The protective grounding wire in lamps shall meet IEC 60598-1: 2008 of 5. 3. 1. Requirements of Chapters 1 and 7th. For pass-through wiring, the small cross-sectional area is 1,5mm? . B)9. 5. 2 The grounding of the lamp powered by the independent controller the grounding end of the independent lamp controller can be directly connected to the lamp powered by the controller.
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