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Eight highlights of LED lighting industry in 2016

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-20
The flowers are similar every year, and the people are different every year. The lighting industry in 2016 will still have unlimited scenery and many highlights. 1. The market is favorable. With the release of 10 billion bulb lamp signals, it is the consensus of all governments to promote environmental protection, green and energy conservation. China will further strengthen infrastructure and accelerate urbanization, the new North American market will bring new increments and opportunities to the lighting industry. 2. The technology has been improved steadily. In addition to the continuous improvement of the technologies in the middle and upper reaches of solid-state lighting, electronic supply chain, new materials and process automation will become new technological highlights in the lighting industry, lighting products will no longer be a single cost competition, but will enter a comprehensive cost competition. 3. Product iteration the trend of market homogenization will slow down, and cross-border expansion and special application products such as intelligence, building materials, entertainment, medical treatment, beauty, agriculture will emerge in endlessly, the product form will enter a period of innovation. 4. In the 30 years before the adjustment of industrial structure, the economic environment oriented by the total amount of GDP led to the structural distortion of resource allocation on the supply side. At the same time, the market generally adopted price strategy, it has caused overcapacity in all walks of life, low prices of industrial products, and lost profits in the manufacturing industry. These structural problems also exist in the lighting industry, even worse. With the country's structural reform on the supply side, it is imperative to remove production capacity and inventory in the lighting industry. It will become a consensus that companies with prices will turn to valuable companies. 5. Polarization of enterprises the electronicization of solid-state lighting technology and the personalization of the market will promote the polarization of the scale of lighting manufacturing enterprises. General lighting products and standard products will take the road of scale victory, and scale enterprises will gradually emerge. A number of small and exquisite enterprises will appear in market segments, professional fields and special lighting. Enterprises with inaccurate market positioning, too diversified products and homogenization will become more and more difficult. 6. Before the reform of the market model, the successful models of the past, such as the store before the factory and the hierarchical distribution, will be impacted by the emerging market model, and the channels will generally tend to be flat and specialized, explicit channels will be further impacted by various forms such as network, e-commerce and O2O, while engineering professional channels will be plundered across borders from industries such as construction, building materials, home furnishing and electromechanical. The model based on product price difference and single engineering installation will be phased out, and the valuable service model will become the survival of the channel. 7. Value industry, the lighting industry has been developing at a high speed in recent years, but it has also been innovating prices and homogenizing with each other. High-quality and high value-added elements such as academic, technical, professional and design are basically only forms, did not play the role of the industry. Under the pressure of overcapacity in the industry, low product prices and profit loss of manufacturing enterprises, the requirement of high added value will be paid more and more attention, and the industry will surely return to the mainstream of rationality. 8. Value industry mergers and acquisitions, integration, new three boards, and listing are no longer industry hot words, but real actions. The means of capital competition will be an important way for traditional strong enterprises to rejuvenate new vitality and new enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and may even become a way for most new enterprises to survive. With the shift of the focus of the lighting industry to China, cross-border mergers and acquisitions and integration of the lighting industry will begin in 2016. The year of 2016 will be the mark Year of the lighting industry, the mature year of the lighting industry and the International Year of the industry. Here I wish lighting people can find their own ownership in the new year!
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