Double tenth, after a new situation dynamic | | industry solar street lamps lighting: the rural solar led street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Double tenth a universal shopping carnival 2015 various types of data continues to be talked about, Internet retailing in the annual peak season, the same outdoor lighting lighting, solar street lamp industry, ushered in the annual peak season. After then, double tenth, solar street light new situation how? Tell small make up lighting, double tenth after a shopping carnival, solar street light project procurement heat will rise further. Solar street light, as a kind of high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection road lighting lamps of retail business is actually very little, at least is small batch purchase, or municipal engineering procurement. Each year on the last two months, are the most concentrated period of outdoor lighting project, is a lot of municipal engineering project implementation stage, so that is why for outdoor lighting projects such as solar street light, LED street lamp, garden lamp, landscape lamp, when is the busiest time of the production of lamps and lanterns. In addition to solar street lamp, some suitable for individual retail purchase solar lamps and lanterns on the retail market is like in the Internet's performance this year has obvious signs of progress. In addition, a good news, with 15 years experience in outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns manufacture of solar street lamps lighting manufacturer in 2015 trip to solar street lights major credit procurement activities also in full swing, sourcing consulting a bigger discount, welcome consulting, 4000760286
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