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DOE rumors blue light damage CREE won LED-OLED hybrid patent

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-16
Whether the LED has blue light damage has been controversial. In order to clarify the truth and give the LED a name, the US Department of Energy DOE has previously released a report demonstrating the harm of LED lighting and blue light. Recently, DOE once again stated his position in the Science and Technology Report TrueColors. DOE said in the report that it is well known that excessive exposure to blue light (The wavelength is about 400-480nm) Under it will cause retinal damage, while the emission peak of white LED is usually about 450nm. However, this does not mean that LED can cause visual damage, physical and physiological damage more than other traditional light sources. In fact, at the same color temperature (CCT) Inside, the LED and the blue light contained in the traditional light source are the same amount, and the energy consumption released by the LED is less than that of the traditional light source around 450nm, so, LED is less harmful to human health than other light sources. In addition, DOE pointed out that museums around the world have begun to use LED lighting, which is a good proof that LED does not harm the goods. The technology of white light generated by CREE mixed LED and OLED has been patented by the United States. Recently, CREE's invention patent, the technology of white light generated by mixed LED and OLED, has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the patent number us8841834b2. CREE said that the new invention combines LED lighting with OLED lighting to form a white solid-state lighting system. The LED and OLED are placed in the mixing chamber of the lamp at certain intervals, and the blue and yellow light emitted by the LED and the red light emitted by the OLED are combined to generate white light, with a color rendering index as high as 90.
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