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DOE releases LED lamp installation project results: power saving 80%

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-13
US Energy Agency (DOE) A gateway report released pointed out that 87 incandescent wall washing lamps at the Clarice Smith exhibition center of the University of Maryland have been replaced with LED lamps with the same lighting effect. As a result, maintenance costs and energy consumption have been greatly reduced. The project began simulation in early 2014 and was renovated in 2015. The final goal is to retain the original appearance of the exhibition center and reduce maintenance costs. Power saving is an additional advantage. At that time, there were two budgeted options: one was to replace all wall washing lamps with LED lamps, and the other was to replace only the existing wall washing lamps with LED modules. The simulated situation gives us the opportunity to actually evaluate factors such as light distribution, glare level, color, color mixing behavior and stroboscopic. The US energy agency said that it is not ideal to evaluate many of the above factors to replace the entire LED wall wash lamp. However, the application of LED module is relatively economical, the irradiation quality is more in line with expectations and easy to install, so it becomes the suitable scheme this time. Compared with incandescent lamps, LED lamps save about 80% of electricity. Although the results of the decoration are somewhat different from the previous incandescent lamp effect, the University of Maryland said it is still within the acceptable range. So far, all LED modules have been operating normally without any additional repairs. The General Affairs Office of the school is quite satisfied with the renovation of LED lighting, saying that it will continue to replace campus lighting with LED lamps in the future.
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