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Do you know about high pole lights? How about the individual modules?

by:ALLTOP      2023-02-05

During the physical use of high pole lights, most people may not know as much about this product as we think, so how much do you know about this product? In fact, they will have different opinions on different modules. same characteristics.

Environmental conditions

The high pole lamp works in the temperature range of minus 15 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius, and the product can only play an effective role at a temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius or 85 degrees Celsius, which means that this product cannot be placed in the process of use. In places where the temperature is extremely low or extremely high, the relative humidity must be guaranteed to be above 96% to bring about more accurate working results.

Power Module Technical Requirements

During the actual work of high pole lights, the working power supply of the power module can meet the conditions of an AC power supply or DC power supply. In actual use, the working position of the power module can be switched from the original AC power supply. The cost of the original DC power supply. We can also switch the DC power supply to an AC power supply, the circuit module can still work normally, and in the process of AC power supply, the transmission voltage may be at 220 volts frequency, also 50 Hz, in the process DC power supply, all such equipment All are powered by DC, and the input pressure is 220 volts.

The optical performance of lamps and lanterns

After working for 15,000 hours, the light output maintenance rate of the high pole lamp can reach more than 90%, and the light decay will not exceed 20% after working for 5,000 hours. The chip of the lamp can be designed with a light-emitting lens alone, so as to achieve light projection and physical and chemical properties. It is also relatively stable and can provide a good light output angle and matching curve.

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