Do the led solar street light waterproof technology and waterproof work in the future

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Now is the season of much rain, the use of led solar street lamps will use note waterproof, because sometimes the led solar street light short-circuit fault reason is caused by the intrusion of rainwater, want to avoid this kind of failure occurs, it must be led solar street light waterproof technology and future assignments. Avoid certain parts of solar street lamps interface without a detailed waterproof processing, contact the power and short-circuit fault can also occur. As part of the device Settings, or because there is no coating substrate of the controller, the rain may flow along the cable to the controller side, and short circuit, so construction must be inside the controller side connecting cable is set to the u type, the exposed location should also make it a u shape, so that the rain will not easily shed to, but is blocked outside the solar led street light. Therefore, we should be led solar street light, waterproof technology and future work. Compared to traditional grid lamp, led solar street light reduces the excavation way and the cost of laying lines, reduce the failure frequency of travel.
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