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DLP laser splicing-free large screen injects new vitality into the market

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-13
After more than ten years of continuous development, large screen display technology has mainly formed a series of products such as LCD liquid crystal splicing screen, DLP splicing large screen, plasma splicing screen, DLP non-splicing large screen, laser non-splicing large screen, etc. At the same time, due to the continuous development of splicing technology, the seams of various large-screen products are also shrinking. At present, the small seams of narrow-edge LCD liquid crystal splicing screens are 3mm, and the small seams of DLP splicing screens can be 0. Within 5mm. The continuous narrowing of the splicing gap of the large screen is naturally good news for the end users, because due to the inherent defects of splicing technology, the large screen picture is divided by splicing, and the integrity is slightly poor, this has become a major obstacle for various splicing screens in some industries with high requirements for picture integrity. As a display terminal, the core task of the large screen is to satisfy the visual enjoyment experience of the audience. In practical application, the smaller the seam, the weaker the split feeling of the picture and the better the visual experience. Therefore, for end users, the size of the seam is undoubtedly an intuitive and convincing element in judging the performance of the large screen. In order to meet the increasingly strict requirements of various industries for splicing, Ruiping electronics has independently developed and launched a DLP non-splicing large screen display system with no physical gaps in the picture. The DLP full screen technology adopted by Ruiping DLP non-splicing large screen abandons the problem of large and small gaps in DLP large screen images caused by traditional DLP splicing technology, and reduces the splicing gap of large screen display images to 0mm. Compared with ordinary DLP splicing screens, Ruiping DLP non-splicing large screens have qualitative differences and improvements in technical level and display effect, thus making the displayed images completely consistent, there is no physical or optical segmentation, which ensures the integrity and aesthetics of DLP large screen display images. In addition, Ruiping electronics has recently upgraded its products and introduced a new generation of DLP laser splicing-free large screen, which uses solid-state laser light sources, to solve the problem of high maintenance cost caused by short service life of traditional large-screen bulbs, the laser light source has a long service life of 40 thousand hours, which can ensure that it does not need to be replaced within 5 years. Moreover, compared with the large screen using traditional bulbs, the red screen DLP laser non-splicing large screen has higher brightness, better color and lower power consumption, which is more suitable for various industries, in particular, monitor the needs of these industries in the command center. The continuous research and development of new technologies by Ruiping electronics has promoted the overall development of China's large-screen industry, and the advent of Ruiping DLP laser non-splicing large-screen products has injected new vitality into the large-screen market, let users have more and better choices.
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