Difference between the price of solar led street light is very large

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
If you want to know the price of solar led street lamp product, the first thing to know its value and performance and part of the price on the market is not neat, price difference is very big, this need to see what kind of quality do you want to buy, an ordinary rural roads as well as the factory with 5 meters high on the road in 1500 - solar led street light price 2200 yuan between, this is 20 w light source. Some undesirable businessman is the lamp bead amount, but in order to reduce the system configuration is the lamp bead amount is enough, not all bright, in the evenings to reduce configuration, increase profits, so the price difference is very big, solar street lamps without a fixed price, 1500 yuan to 2200 yuan a single lamp will be bright, but is not the same time led solar road light light, brightness is different. So, want to buy solar led street lamp manufacturers direct, on-site inspection, purchase contracts, ensure the quality of the products and services, in the late zhongshan guzhen lighting are looking forward to your arrival! Are many online about solar street light design scheme, a user might look dazzling. In addition to solar street lamp design, online cheating consumers may have some solar street lamps manufacturer, cheaper solar street lamps offer users won't choose. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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