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Dialog Announces New Solid State Lighting LED driver

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-14
Highly integrated power management, audio, AC/DC and short-range wireless technology supplier dialogsemiconductor PLC (De Shang Dai Le Ge Semiconductor)Recently announced the launch of a new solid state lighting (SSL) LED driver, compared with the traditional two-stage driver mode, this product integrates boost and flyback converters into a single IC, which can reduce bill of materials (BOM) Cost and simplify design while providing excellent performance. New is the PowerConversionBusinessGroup (The previous iWattInc. , Acquired by Dialog in July 2013) Development has realized the diversified strategy of Dialog's product portfolio to expand to the Digital Power Management market. Provides a universal 100VAC to 277VAC full voltage input range and an output power supply of up to 45 W. The device integration can perform power factor correction (PFC) The boost controller of the and the flyback converter capable of adjusting LED current can make the high PF greater than 0. 95, low total harmonic distortion (THD)Less than 10. Dialog's patented Flickerless design achieves near-zero 100 to 120Hz output ripple with built-in overheat protection (OTP) And derating function can enable lighting designers to achieve predictable and reliable bulb service life. The rich combination of integrated functions makes iW3623 an ideal solution for various non-dimming commercial solid-state lighting embedded lamps, PAR, T8 and flat chandelier applications. The PrimAccurate primary side control technology patented by Dialog can eliminate the need for secondary side regulators and optocouplers, thus further saving BOM costs. The device also allows bipolar bonding transistors (BJT)To replace field effect transistors (FET). Although using BJT switches can reduce the total solution cost, it is quite challenging to achieve high conversion efficiency. The way to solve this problem is to use dynamic base current and resonant mode switch for boost and flyback phases to achieve large conversion efficiency and reduce EMI. In addition, Dialog's EZ- EMI technology can also simplify EMI filtering and further reduce the count of external parts. Most power supply ICs have overheating shutdown function, which can cut off IC power supply in high temperature environment. Although this can protect IC, it cannot protect LED drive circuit. IW3623 includes powerful built-in overheat protection and power derating functions, which can actually monitor the internal temperature of sealed solid-state lighting bulbs. Overheating protection (OTP)The function is set via NTC resistor. When the temperature of the bulb reaches the set temperature, iW3623 will automatically gradually reduce the current of the LED. This can reduce power consumption, thus cooling the operating environment and ensuring that the temperature of the electrolytic capacitor in the system will not exceed the rated value. The power derating function enables the capacitor to operate in the large service life of the solid-state lighting bulb and can predict the service life of the bulb. The brightness reduced by the current reduction is minimal, so the user will not notice any change in the light output. Under extreme temperature conditions, iW3623 will cut off the current of LED to avoid the risk of safety and fire. In addition, the safety functions of iW3623 also include LED open/short circuit, single fault, overcurrent, short circuit of current sensing resistor assembly, input overpressure, insufficient voltage and AC line overpressure/frequency protection. During the output overpressure condition, iW3623 will enter the extended discharge mode while maintaining rapid recovery, so that hot plug LED modules can be supported without causing dangerous high output voltage.
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