Development trend of led solar street light

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-13
At present, the market share of led solar street lamps in the increase year by year, and the development trend of led solar street lamps must be improved from core parts, aesthetic feeling of design and introduction of improved integration technology improvements. Now all over the world in the use of solar energy street light earth cuts with a lot of air pollution, and solar led street lamp in the case of power failure is normal lighting, cut down the fear of no lights at night, the led solar street light all the planning basically took into account the use of each link; Photovoltaic modules wattage selection planning and battery capacity selection planning now adopted the measures for the planning of the most common planning more scientific; Wind planning from the battery components stents did, with the light pole two analyzes comprehensively; The whole structure and beautiful essence; Practical operation proves that the link between good fit. At night beside the road led solar street light lit up the night city, solar street lights at night illuminate planning, provide convenience for everyone, in recent years, the advantage of led solar street lamps widely used in energy saving, environmental protection, and in the process of led solar street lamps use not cause environmental pollution.
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