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Development status and market orientation of LED lighting industry in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-02
As LED lighting has the main characteristics of environmental protection and power saving, the world is optimistic about the industrial prospect of LED green energy lighting, which has driven many manufacturers to compete in the industry and launch various alternative lighting products. The market also estimates that the output value of LED lighting will reach 116. 2 billion US dollars in 2014 and the penetration rate will exceed 20. LED Alliance experts will use their own industrial experience to discuss how the lighting industry can create higher profits, formulate common standards in the world to make LED lighting products more interoperable, listen to the market voice and launch products that consumers really need, to make the LED lighting market get a positive cycle, how to grasp the opportunities of Taiwanese manufacturers to make the industry move the next goal is to explain the current situation of LED lighting industry. Low-cost competition has LED to self-sufficiency, taiwan LED Lighting Industry Alliance (TLLIA) Mr. Xiao Hongqing, secretary general, explained the current situation of LED lighting industry development and market suggestions. He said that the traditional lighting treatments were all electrical technicians or water and electricity masters. Later, in response to the improvement of people's living standards and the need for more atmospheric lighting designs in many venues, let architects and interior decorators also intervene in the lighting industry to create different architectural features or indoor environments through light to add fun to life. In order to make Taiwan's LED industry stronger, the TLLIA Alliance was established in 2013 to promote the standards and cooperation of the LED lighting industry. First look at the current situation of the LED market in the United States: LED applications in 2013 have doubled from 2012 to 1. 0. 5 billion units, Cree and Philips have successfully developed 200lm/W prototype lamps and LED bulbs. The selling price continues to decline, non-dimmable/Dimmable A19 bulbs equivalent to 60W in the US market are US $10 and US $13 respectively. It is estimated that LED lighting will account for 1/3 in 2025, saving 217 billion degrees/year of electricity, the US electricity price is $0. 10/degree, the annual electricity fee is 21. 7 billion US dollars. Xiao Hongqing said that even the United States, which wastes energy, must use LED lighting, so LED will be accepted worldwide. The market estimates that the sales of household lighting in the United States will be high in the future, while commercial lighting will be the second, but commercial lighting will have high electricity consumption, so commercial lighting will be the main battlefield of LED lighting; Europe is growing slowly, with LED and traditional lighting expected to reach 6:4 in 2030; The mainland is growing rapidly in the market, and the 2013 is growing by 2. 2012. 7 times. In the performance evaluation part of lighting products, the light efficiency of LED has been equal to that of traditional light-saving bulbs, and the service life is 3 times. The next step is to improve reliability to win consumer confidence. Although the market evaluation 2030 the opportunity for LED and traditional lamps to be tied, this phenomenon may be advanced. He took the 311 earthquake in Japan as an example. In Japan, due to the rising awareness of energy conservation and the decline in prices, LED lighting has become more popular. Panasonic's residential LED lighting products account for of shipments, the company decided to stop producing fluorescent lamps in 2015, and the Japanese government plans to switch to LED by the end of 2020. When LED lighting is moving towards practicality, it can clearly create profits, but manufacturers are killing each other and smashing the market. The above 60 w led bulb cost $10, while the mainland 3WLED bulb cost $1. The price of 45 yuan is outrageous, this kind of blind low price, vicious competition, is a short-sighted act of self-excavation. Concerned about the consumer's intention to understand the customer and market demand, Xiao Hongqing said that the LED industry must surpass and break through, and there must be a house! When LED bulbs are talking about light efficiency and long life, they ignore the shape and beauty that consumers really want. The high-quality lighting environment and vision health that consumers care about, reasonable purchase and construction costs, high-efficiency lighting equipment and convenient control system, maintenance convenience and equipment compatibility issues, energy saving benefits and electricity cost considerations environmental protection issues such as replacement of old equipment, resource recovery and reuse, most of them are ignored by manufacturers. In terms of aesthetics and practicality, some manufacturers began to improve after hearing the voice of consumers, and introduced LED products similar to tungsten lamps, with the appeal of incandescent lamps and all-round light, allowing consumers to pay. In addition, some manufacturers have introduced LED patio lamps with high color performance to replace traditional mercury lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps to improve factory lighting safety. In the future, the development of incandescent lamp and HID lamp will move towards LED lamp and LEP lamp ( Plasma diode, with a small volume of 45,000 lm, is suitable for outdoor large-area field). The three major indicators of LED lighting maturity are: visual indicators (CRI ≧ 80 ~ 85), Performance indicators (lm/W ≧ 170), Market indicators (lm/US $ ≧ 200). It is not a risk but a suicide to push products that are not in place too early. Therefore, as long as manufacturers will launch the right products at the right time, apply them in the right places, and pay attention to quality in order to win the trust of consumers, they can avoid falling into a price war and increase profits, increase market share. Intelligent lighting intelligent lighting can automatically adjust light according to time and demand, which is called Intelligence. Energy-saving lighting is only a basic demand, and dazzling problems will occur when the lighting efficiency of the system is 160 m/W, because light pollution can be harmful to human body, especially blue light (EerieBlueGlow) It will cause chronic damage to the macula of eyes and affect vision, so LED lighting should turn to health and intelligent lighting, and the key to indoor intelligent lighting control is health and comfort. Because the light is good or bad, it affects your mood, and now the intelligence (Smart) Lighting, more to do manual dimming with a mobile phone, but do not know how much to adjust, so can only be considered a transitional product, with intelligence (Intelligent)There is still a distance for lighting.
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