Development LED lights what are the limitations and problems need to be solved

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Today, the streets of cities, LED street light can be seen everywhere, it with the night sky of the city. But the use of LED lights for itself also has certain limitation, therefore its use has not been the most fully used, in order to ensure that the LED street lamp can play more role in our life and production in the future research and promotion use, we should solve these problems. The first problem the shape structure of lamps and lanterns. The appearance of traditional street lamps and lanterns is basically the same, generally divided into light source and electrical parts, but due to the particularity of the LED light source and the different methods of light distribution, makes now the appearance of the LED street lamps and lanterns is varied, including appearance does not meet the requirements of running a lot of lamps and lanterns, and even some companies based on indoor standard applied to outdoor lamps. Finally, the lamps and lanterns parts of replaceable sexual problems. LED street lamp parts generally have LED chip, the power supply ( Drive) And the shell parts of lamps and lanterns. Easy to bad parts mainly power and chip. In general, the LED lamps and lanterns of the chip is electronic radiator can't change, and the power supply ( Drive) Replaceable, however, it is in a lot of products in the power supply ( Drive) On the change of convenient enough, change is too time consuming. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call consulting?
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