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Demand growth of LED sapphire substrate industry in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-05
The new 'Sapphire Substrate Market Report 2014' released by LEDinside, the green energy research department of TrendForce, a market research organization, points out that Apple's iWatch to be launched at the end of 2014 will have the opportunity to use sapphire watch covers. IWatch's sapphire cover is expected to reach of the sapphire market demand in 2014. If the sales figure in 2015 reaches 60 million units estimated by the market optimism, it will account for of the sapphire substrate consumption in 2015, while the total consumption of sapphire substrate will more than double that in 2014, 129. The sapphire cover will likely be applied to APPLE wearable devices. According to LEDinside survey, the cover of AppleiWatch, which will be unveiled at the end of the year, will have the opportunity to import sapphire. Because the sapphire material has the characteristics of wear resistance and scratch resistance, the traditional boutique watch has been used for years. However, the market demand for hand-held application devices is quite large, which is far from the market size of traditional fine watches with only about 1 million watches per year, moreover, the sapphire long crystal process used in the traditional watch cover in the past can no longer meet the huge market demand of hand-held application devices. According to iWatch specifications, sapphire crystal rods of special specifications must be manufactured to meet the requirements of subsequent processing design, which also explains why Appple needs to actively deploy the sapphire industry supply chain. The sales figures of iWatch will determine the supply and demand of sapphire substrate industry in 2015. It is understood that APPLE's first iWatch will have men's and women's watches, and the watches will be fully equipped with sapphire watches, which are respectively 1. And women's 1. 33. Since iWatch was only launched at the end of 2014, if iWatch has a total demand of 5 million units in 2014, it is estimated that it will account for 6 sapphire market demand. As for 2015 of iWatch total shipments digital the opinions vary at present know to iWatch in 2015 season of stock quantity also up to the 13 Million A. If the sales situation exceeds expectations, the optimistic market forecast will have the opportunity to ship 60 million units. When overall sapphire cover of demand will accounted for sapphire substrate dosage of 27 and overall sapphire substrate of consumption total will is in 2014 will growth a times more than up to 129. Therefore, consumers' acceptance of iWatch will determine an important factor in whether the sapphire substrate industry will be tight in supply in 2015.
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