CSA China (East China)LED application promotion center launched

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-16
National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance (CSA) To create the, China focus on LED lighting industry of service complex CSA, China (East China)LED Application Promotion Center. This project is not only the exhibition and experience center planned by the National Ministry of Science and Technology in 863, but also the domestic industry and consumer trust market, it is also an important part of the two domestic and foreign marketing systems established by CSA to help enterprises promote the market and establish channels. It is reported that CSA China (East China) The establishment of LED Application Promotion Center is based on the needs of the overall development of semiconductor lighting industry, exploring new business models of semiconductor lighting, and building a professional platform for enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets. In order to promote the construction of new LED lighting channels and market standardization, and truly realize the effective interaction among LED lighting manufacturing end, sales end and application end, CSA China (East China) The LED application and promotion center has launched the footprint plan in an all-round way, mainly focusing on the two core areas of semiconductor lighting industry development in East China and South China, and establishing workstations in key lighting markets based on the domestic market, form a marketing and information network system. CSA China (East China) LED Application Promotion Center left footprints in cities such as Nanjing, YangZhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, Suzhou, etc. , and visited 29 lighting cities, more than 2000 dealers, engineering companies, and agents, develop more than 650 engineering and dealer members. The footprint plan has achieved phased results and won the favor of many dealers, engineering companies and agents. They are willing to join the network construction of the footprint plan, in this activity, a number of engineering companies and dealers reached a preliminary cooperation intention. At present, footprint plans to pass CSA and CSA China (East China) The coordination, support and operation of the LED Application Promotion Center have realized the effective connection between the settled enterprises, the intended cooperative enterprises and LED lighting engineering companies, agents, etc, it provides confidence, credit and trust for all parties in the project, creates good business opportunities and creates good market order.
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