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Cross-border development of LED industry

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-22
Now it has entered the era of LED semiconductor lighting. This year, the city's lighting-based LED-related industries will exceed 40 billion yuan. However, the current foreign trade environment is complex and domestic homogeneous competition is intensifying. Many lighting enterprises have begun to seek cross-border development. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Ningbo 2016 forum on cross-border integration of LED beyond lighting technology and application development that the LED semiconductor lighting era has now entered. This year, the city's lighting-based LED-related industries will exceed 40 billion yuan. However, the current foreign trade environment is complex and domestic homogeneous competition is intensifying. Many lighting enterprises have begun to seek cross-border development. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Ningbo 2016 cross-border integration LED beyond lighting technology and application development forum that, ningbo lighting enterprises are aiming at new sub-sectors such as plant lighting, health lighting, intelligent lighting and automobile lighting to achieve new growth. Classroom lights can prevent myopia and pleasant mood. The Function of classroom health light source can not only effectively reduce the risk of myopia, but also regulate people's psychological state and even affect endocrine. Liu Qiang, president of Zhejiang Kaiyao Lighting Co. , Ltd. , said that scholars in the industry had done experiments to shut an old hen that had laid an egg 24 hours a day into a black box, turning on the lights for 8 hours and turning off the lights for 8 hours, A few days later, the laying time of hens was shortened from 24 hours to 16 hours, and visible light had a great impact on animals. Zhejiang Kaiyao, located in Beilun, is a major LED lighting export manufacturer in our city. Its output value is expected to reach 1. 5 billion yuan this year, but 90 yuan is for OEM processing for Philips, Osram and other foreign brands. The sharp decline in foreign trade export profits has made enterprises eager to expand the domestic market and create their own brands. The entry point they choose is healthy lighting, starting with classroom light sources. When the light source is too white and too bright, it will make people depressed and nervous, while warm light will make people sleepy and inattentive. After repeated experiments, we kept the color temperature of the light source at 4000K ~ 5000K is conducive to students' efficient and pleasant learning. He said. At present, Kaiyao's LED classroom health lighting source has exceeded the health standard in blue light, stroboscopic, color temperature, brightness and other technical indicators, and participated in drafting and formulating the technical specification for energy-saving certification of lighting products in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. It is understood that the product has been used in Xiaoshi Middle School, Ningbo Middle School and other schools. Guangpei Ganoderma lucidum can also prevent diseases and insect pests. Ningbo Shengpu Optoelectronics Co. , Ltd. is aiming at another black technology LED light cultivation crop. Yin Hui, deputy general manager of the company, said that after their research and development team noticed that succulent plants became the new favorite of white-collar workers, they developed an LED plant growth desk lamp. Using the principle of spectroscopy, the fleshy plants placed indoors for a long time can fully absorb the red light that promotes photosynthesis in the light of the table lamp, so that the plants can avoid death due to long-term lack of light. In fact, light culture has been widely used in seedling raising. However, the use of traditional incandescent lamps or sodium lamps has several drawbacks: first, the cost is too expensive to popularize; Second, the heat generated by incandescent lamps will burn plants; Third, the traditional light source has short service life and poor controllability. Therefore, it is very appropriate to use LED lighting in this link. Wang Yuhong, vice president of Ningbo Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said. Coincidentally, Ningbo Ji Nong Technology Co. , Ltd. has developed a household planting lamp, which is more than 2 meters high and can grow various vegetables and ornamental plants under the condition of insufficient indoor light. According to the company's head, Lou credit, this product was previously developed for border troops stationed in high altitude, alpine areas and islands because of the bad weather and inconvenient transportation there, the soldiers cannot eat vegetables. The product uses the spectral principle to cultivate a small amount of vegetables. At the Forum, Professor Zhou Weijun, director of the Institute of agronomy and crop science of Zhejiang University, also introduced his research and development of LED light training Ganoderma lucidum, Dendrobium candidum and other technologies, which can not only prevent diseases and insect pests, it can also shorten the growth cycle. Dr. Wu Mingming, vice president of the National Semiconductor Lighting Research and Development and Industry Alliance Industry Research Institute, said that the technology of cultivating crops with LED light sources has become increasingly mature and the safety has been recognized, but no relevant standards have yet been issued, in addition, the cost is too high, so it has not yet been fully marketized. Intelligent lighting becomes a new outlet for the layout of Ningbo enterprises. As the Internet of Things and sensor technology gradually mature, intelligent lighting has become the next market segment for many enterprises. At home, when the owner gets up at night, the lights are slightly lit; When you go home, the living room lights automatically turn on; When the life of the bulb is approaching, it will automatically remind the Ningbo enterprise to replace the products that already have these functions. Scene lighting becomes the next target of intelligent lighting, for example, when the mood is bad, the light source switches warm colors; The brightness of the elderly automatically decreases when they enter the room; When friends get together, the color temperature increases, which makes people excited. Liu Qiang said that LED, a semiconductor material, is an electronic component itself and is easy to control, so the intelligent market is vast. In recent years, the increasing number of cars has also made Ningbo enterprises strive to enter this big market. According to Wu Mingming, the market share of LED automobile lighting has doubled in the past five years, while Ningbo's automobile industry has a solid foundation, and local enterprises should rush to seize the market. At present, Shengpu optoelectronics and other enterprises have cooperated with Chery, Volkswagen and other main engine factories to lay out this field. This year, the output value of the headlights of the car will reach 30 million yuan. Yin Hui, deputy general manager of the company, expects that the company's business will achieve explosive growth next year.
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