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Cree stock price rises to detonate LED lighting order demand

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-17
LED screen network reported that LED stocks shone brilliantly on the 29th. The shares of Cree and Rubicon in the United States rose sharply. The Guangzhou lighting exhibition and Taipei Optoelectronics week started on June, igniting the demand for LED lighting orders and encouraging Yiguang to go up and down, crystal power, light and other gains of more than 5, the performance of stocks is extremely bright. Yiguang's tail plate pulled up the daily limit of 55. NT $9 (The same below), Crystal power also rose to a daily limit of the next gear 61. 1 yuan, a grain factory focusing on the lighting market, also rose by 5. 5%. 29. LED packaging factory addisen also saw a 2nd increase in revenue in the fourth quarter, which was also stimulated. 59. LED industry enters the peak season of pulling goods, especially ultra-high resolution TV (4K2KUHDTV) Business opportunities fermentation LED backlight grain demand more than with size TV 2nd season growth and secure 3rd season the in backlight and lighting order of join more than 2nd Season opportunity big, and continuous into note 4th season operation lighting demand will roleplay LED plant Wang to the end of the new can. The industry pointed out that this year's LED lighting bulb shipments will increase by three times, and in the next year, it is expected to grow by two times and three times, becoming the wind ball of LED lighting. The high-profile Guangzhou lighting exhibition will be held from June 9-12. Taipei Optoelectronics week will also be held from June 18-20. Legal person analysis, this year, international manufacturers Cree and other companies will launch LED bulbs below US $10, in addition to stimulating the demand for LED bulbs, there are also Chinese energy-saving lamp replacement opportunities and the booming fermentation of the commercial lighting market. Zhuang Mingshu, general manager of Taixin Investment, said that overall, the continued decline in LED bulb prices will help the lighting market to take off, especially in smart lighting, major international manufacturers such as Philips, Oslon, strange, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc. have formed alliances, so in the LED industry, intelligent lighting will be an important development trend of the industry, it will also drive the demand for related LED groups to pick up.
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