CREE releases 15000 LED bulbs to be the us led lighting faucet

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-16
LED big factory Kerui (CREE) On the 16th, in the three major American cities of New York, Boston and Washington, the US good light bulbs were replaced ( GreatAmericanLightBulbsSwap) A total of 15000 LED bulbs will be released. As long as the local people take an old incandescent lamp or energy-saving lamp, they can replace it with a brand-new CREELED light bulb. According to industry insiders, CREE directly faces consumers and pushes the brand image. The intention to grab the leading LED lighting factory in the United States is quite obvious. CREE's move was interpreted as actively building a brand image and rushing to attack the terminal consumer market. Kerui has long been an LED extension manufacturer. Over the years, it has gradually extended downstream, spanning the manufacture of LED modules and light engines, and providing them to traditional lighting plants. In the past two years, it has directly faced consumers and sold its own brand bulbs. Industry insiders pointed out that Corey wants to grab the US leader in the LED era, because the US market is large enough, the current LED penetration rate is not high, and the future performance potential is amazing. Just as LED packaging factory Yiguang has penetrated into the consumer market in Taiwan and mainland China, it has become a strong brand. The industry believes that the pace of Kerui's entry into the terminal market is becoming more and more active, which is beneficial to domestic crystal and Lunda. The main reason is that the current general lighting uses medium-power chips, but Kerui itself only produces high-power chips. With the general lighting of Kerui taking off, it is bound to increase the outsourcing to Jingdian and Lunda.
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