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Cree publishes system integration level LED spotlights

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-14
Cree company of the United States has introduced a system-integrated LED spotlight CR100 spotlight, which can directly replace 50W MR16 tungsten lamp to seize 80- 100mm MR16 tungsten bulb international market. The output luminous flux of this CR100 spotlight reaches 650 lumens, while the power consumption is only 11. 5%. 5 watts, low lumen efficiency up to 50lm/W, color rendering index at least over 90, and automatic dimming. Relying on the shallow and deep groove design of lamps, CR100 uses the surrounding environment to realize effective heat dissipation, thus ensuring its service life. Cree estimates that about 1. 5 billion MR16 tungsten lamps are currently used in residential and commercial lighting in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. If Cree's high-efficiency LED is used to replace them, with Cree's TrueWhite technology, it can save a lot of money in power consumption and lamp maintenance. CR100 spotlights are already available for purchase in Cree's sales departments in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia.
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