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Courtyard lights in urban construction

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-24
1. Unique advantages of courtyard lights. Courtyard lights are one of the outdoor lighting decorations. It has a unique shape and is mainly ornamental outdoor lighting. It is suitable for urban roads, residential roads, landscape lighting, tourist attractions, Park courtyard and lighting and other decorations. The lighting is soft, beautiful and will not affect people's vision. And when we look at the process of urban construction, we will find that people’s requirements for residential design are getting higher and higher. At this time, LED courtyard lights have gradually entered everyone’s field of vision, becoming a very important part of urban construction. A popular outdoor lighting fixture, because in addition to its good lighting function, its decoration and energy-saving functions are important indicators. The survey found that there are currently many urban landscape lighting projects with large scale and high illuminance, and only simple turning on and off can be realized in the control mode, and the form of lighting is also the same, which also causes a lot of waste of electricity. Appeared, in order to not only play the function of landscape lighting to beautify the city, but not waste electric energy and human resources, we also integrate the needs of other landscape lighting to develop a reasonable and correct control mode. 2. Reasonable application of courtyard lights to achieve green lighting. Urban landscape lighting can be roughly divided into: municipal public facilities decorative lighting, green lighting, and building decorative lighting; and buildings can be divided into commercial public and commercial public according to their nature. There are two major categories of sex, so we cannot generalize the mode of control. We should use as many control methods as possible to satisfy the overall effect. The above is provided by Jinhui Lighting
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