Competitive weapon for small LED lighting enterprises

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-19
The author has come into contact with a boss of ZHAOMIMNG industry. At present, the boss has more than three hundred stores nationwide with a total sales volume of about 0. 1 billion. Facing the expected winter of LED lighting enterprise industry next year, the boss is a bit helpless, and what is even worse is that in recent years, the so-called predators in the LED lighting industry have annual sales ranging from billions to billions, they have tried this emerging LED lighting Enterprise Industry. In the face of the Big Mac competitors in these industries, the boss is even more at a loss and does not know how to deal with it. The author told the boss of the LED lighting enterprise in a state of anxiety that for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small enterprises, if they want to become bigger and stronger, the eternal competition rule is to impact the scale with speed! . Small business competition tool: LED lighting companies do you know? When I served the Haier Group, I had a deep understanding of the scale of the speed impact. As we all know, when Haier was born, it was a dilapidated refrigerator factory, and the family was almost poor and white. At that time, foreign home appliances were already surrounded by a group of heroes. Haier was born to face these powerful and international home appliance predators. The reason why Haier can develop and grow in the cracks of strong foreign brands in a short period of 20 years and become a benchmark enterprise in China's home appliance industry is that the competition rule of speed impact scale is indispensable. Case Analysis: In an interactive training course held in 2002, faced with more than 70 middle and senior managers, Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin raised a question much like a brain teaser, you said, how to let the stone float on the water? Empty the stone! Someone shouted, Zhang Ruimin shook his head. Put the stone on the board! Zhang Ruimin said: no wood! Make a fake stone! Everyone laughed. Zhang Ruimin said: Stone is real. At this time, a vice president of Haier Group suddenly realized: it is speed! Zhang Ruimin said categorically: correct! He went on to say: there is a saying in the 'Sun Tzu's Art of War': the disease of the water, as for the Drifters, the situation is also. Speed can make heavy stones float. What's more, it is a big stone. We often see floods coming, and even a few heavy cars are floating on the water. Haier's insistence on speed has reached an increasing level. Sticking to the corners of Haier's factories and offices is the quick response of Haier's action concept and immediate action. In Haier's strategic slogan over the years, no matter how it changes, it is always the word speed. Haier is a loyal practitioner of speed and a big beneficiary. The subtext that speed can make heavy stones float is that speed can impact the scale, and speed can beat the strong! The boss of an advertising company that served Haier was deeply touched by Haier's speed. According to the boss, he just confirmed a marketing FromEMKT at Haier Qingdao headquarters in the afternoon. com. Cn plan, flew back to Beijing the next day, surprised to see all the POP (Activity item)It has been fully arranged in the store. This is the silhouette of Haier speed from one side. Large enterprises are aircraft carriers, with stable operation and strong anti-risk ability. This is the advantage of large enterprises, but it is also the disadvantage of large enterprises, that is, the ship is difficult to turn around: the reaction speed to the market is slow, the decision-making process is long, the decision-making is slow, the execution cycle is long, and the execution intensity is easily decreasing step by step. Small businesses are equivalent to Small sampans. Their natural genes and advantages are flexibility and a small boat to turn around. What kind of speed should small enterprises have if they want to use the competitive strategy of speed impact scale? The first is the speed of reaction to the market. Small enterprises must not be frogs in warm water. They must have a wide range of tentacles to go deep into the market, go deep into the terminal line, and go deep into consumers. They can immediately perceive the changes and troubles of the market, can quickly respond and countermeasures. For many small business owners, like Zong Qinghou, the boss of Wahaha, the style of walking at the terminal for more than three hundred days and two hundred days in a year is not necessarily to follow, but it is indeed worth learning. The second is the speed of decision-making. The advantage of small enterprises is that the boss has the final say, the decision-making chain is particularly small, and the decision-making time can be particularly short. After determining the correct direction and strategy, you should quickly organize resources and make quick decisions. The third is the speed of execution. This is what all small and medium-sized enterprises lack, and this is also what Haier has done particularly well. Take the simple and easy OEC Nissin management in Haier's Chinese management. When I was in Haier's headquarters, I saw a number of companies visiting Haier every day, but there were very few that could be done. Therefore, Haier is open to you, knowing that you have seen it, you can't learn it! It's very simple. Let Haier Group and its 50 thousand employees stick to Nissin management for 20 years. Only Haier can do it! The execution of unified thinking, consistent pace and proper execution is inversely proportional to the expansion of the enterprise scale. Therefore, for small enterprises, what is more worth cherishing and advocating is execution. This reminds the author of a sentence about overbearing execution in the enterprise: Understanding, execution; Do not understand, but also to implement; Understand in execution! The fourth is the speed of correction. Small businesses are indeed a small boat to turn around, but there is no guarantee that every time you turn around, the direction is correct. It doesn't matter, as long as it is adjusted in motion, it will be fine in motion. Of course, every time you make a wrong turn, you have to consume the resources of the enterprise, and you have to have the opportunity to cost. Therefore, although small enterprises have a good turn, relatively speaking, they still have to make a decision and then move, the speed of a brave man is not the real speed. The speed of strategizing is the real speed.
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