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Combination of LED and SLR Pentax K-S1 official release

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-02
Pentax K-S1 SLR today (29) The official release of the day, the specifications, product drawings and the previous leaks are basically the same, the eye-catching LED lights do exist, not only for decoration but also for practical functions, the configuration of the low-pass filter simulator and the glass pentaprism is also reliable, and the 12 color combinations are still not reduced. The product is expected to go on sale in September. The outstanding design of the fuselage is the LED lamp, which is actually called the lighting interface system ( Illuminationinterfacesystem) The four positions of the body handle, power button, mode turntable and OK button are all designed to reflect the various states of the camera. For example, in the static camera mode, the power button appears green, and will turn red after switching to the video mode; The 5 lamp beads at the handle prompt the number of face detection and the function of self-timer countdown. In addition, in order to strengthen one-handed operation, the mode turntable is moved to the back of the fuselage and integrated with the function keys. The fuselage size is 120mmx92. 5mmx69. 5mm, also than the current K-50 small, very small and light. The specifications are very good, a bit of a SLR. With APS- C format 20. 12 million pixels without low-pass filter CMOS, supports SR anti-shake, and K- 3 uses a low-pass filter simulator to suppress the moire. Moreover, the glass pentaprism is used to achieve an optical viewfinder with a 100 field of view. The back has a 3-inch 920 thousand pixel LCD screen and does not support touch operation. Photosensitive range ISO100- 51200, 11-point focusing system, high continuous shooting 5. 4fps, shutter speed range 30- 1/6000 s, support 1080/30p video recording. Overall, LED design makes K- S1 has earned enough attention. In fact, it is very kind to look closely at the configuration performance. In K-3 and K-Add a choice between 50.
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