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COB technology may be a shortcut for us to catch up with Sony's small spacing!

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-17
In recent years, with the continuous differentiation and development of LED display technology and application market system, the LED display screen shows a diversified development trend in various application types such as small spacing, special-shaped screen, transparent screen, in-line screen, light grid screen, etc. The whole LED display market shows great vitality and vitality, in particular, the popularity of small-pitch LED display in 2016 has greatly promoted the rise of the LED display industry. Some people in the industry said that 2016 is the first year of the outbreak of small-pitch LED display, and it is expected that in the next 2- In the past three years, it will maintain an ultra-high growth rate, and the market size will be close to 10 billion yuan by 2018. The development trend of small-pitch LED has been confirmed by the industry, and the compound growth rate is expected to exceed 60 in the next three years. As far as the market and technology are concerned, there are mainly two technological forms of small-pitch LED display screens in China at present, namely, small-pitch surface-mounted packaging and small-pitch COB packaging. Due to the relatively mature development of surface-mounted technology and market, generally speaking, the mainstream small-pitch LED display screen generally refers to the surface-mounted LED display screen. In fact, the small-pitch surface-mounted LED display screen is indeed the leading role in the current LED display industry. In contrast, the LED display industry market is hot, and the COB Package display products are very deserted. In terms of market competition distribution, the current COB display is simply a single power book, however, due to the many advantages of COB's own packaging process compared with the surface-mounted process, in recent years, COB packaged LED display screen has also attracted great attention in the industry. Especially is 2016 Sony CES exhibition on display of based on flip-chip chip technology (Flipchip) The packaged CLEDIS display product, the display effect, has attracted much attention! Many people think that this product is an important application embodiment of Micro LED display. Changchun Xida electronic COB products have aroused thousands of waves. Micro LED is considered as an LED display device. It has a subversive innovation in technology and display compared with traditional LED display screens! Its excellent display effect is even regarded as a competitor of OLED display technology, and has attracted the layout of international electronics giants such as Apple and Sony. For a time, some people have implicated COB Small spacing with Micro LED display, obviously, it is also a recognition of the current COB Package display. In fact, due to the packaging process different from that of the surface-mounted LED display screen, compared with surface-attached packaged display products, COB packaged display products have inherent advantages of non-particle display. For traditional LED display products, the conversion from point light source to surface light source is realized, the uniformity of the picture, the visual angle, and the perception of the human eye are all better. I believe that the three-in-one cob TV products exhibited by Xida electronics at this year's ISLE exhibition, its delicate display effect has left a deep impression on many people! For a long time, LED display industry has pursued more convenient use, lighter and more beautiful appearance, and better display effect. For LED display manufacturers, it is based on more excellent LED display quality, open up a broader LED display application market. Regarding COB Package and SMD package, regardless of the current market size, the subsequent COB shows that due to the advantages of COB Package, it has obvious advantages in terms of product stability, luminous effect, durability, power consumption, etc. It is characterized by fast heat dissipation, few dead lights and long display life; The convex spherical surface of the lamp point has strong impact resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and shows strong environmental adaptability; The person in charge of Wei qiaoshun, an important domestic COB Enterprise, told us that the data collected from Wei qiaoshun's application products showed that COB products that had worked for more than 6 years showed that no repair was found! Even when we were developing, we didn't expect it to be so durable. The comparative tests of relevant technicians showed that when using a 480*480 box with a brightness of 1000nit, COB-P2. 5 and SMD-P2. 5 Energy consumption comparison, of which COB consumes 80. 57 w smd consumes 165. 7 W, it can be concluded that, on the premise of issuing the same brightness, COB has less heat dissipation and is more energy-saving. Wei qiaoshun COB products, obviously, LED display screen based on COB packaging technology has many advantages over surface-mounted LED display in terms of display effect, high-definition display development potential and environmental adaptability, this is the current LED display market, which is still an important factor in the flooding wave of surface-mounted LED display technology! Of course, it seems a little negative for COB! As far as the LED display screen of the current COB process is concerned, the surface sticking process with reflow soldering as the core is technically canceled, which greatly increases the difficulty of the packaging process, it makes the stability control and reliability test of COB package in the CELL stage more complicated. In addition, COB Package starts later than surface-mounted package technology, and the previous COB Package is mainly used in the lighting field, although the advantages are obvious, the accumulation of process technology and material technology in the field of small-pitch LED screen display is not as good as that of surface sticking technology, which leads to the combination Cost of products with very small pitch, COB packaging is also inferior to traditional surface mount technology. On the one hand, the high cost of COB packaging display greatly hinders the development of COB display enterprises, and at the same time affects the market share of COB packaging display screens. The surface of the industry market balance is one-sided, and the COB shows that the current situation of the product is slightly embarrassing!
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