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COB light source is one of the future development trends of LED lighting

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-18
Important development direction in the future as the LED application market gradually matures, users' demand for product stability and reliability is getting higher and higher, especially under the same conditions, they are always pursuing products with lower power consumption and more competitiveness. Cob integrated packaging technology directly encapsulates multiple LED chips on a metal substrate, and directly dissipates heat through the substrate, which not only reduces the manufacturing process and cost of the bracket, but also has the advantage of reducing heat dissipation, therefore, it has become an LED lighting packaging technology mainly promoted by many large manufacturers. COB Package series products can provide a wide lumen selection and achieve a very high light efficiency level, which can meet the needs of various lighting applications. In my opinion, COB light source has five outstanding advantages: 1. High luminous efficiency, high color rendering index, RA80, luminous efficiency at 100-120lm/W; 2. The thermal conductivity is strong, and the heat dissipation performance of the metal substrate series is obviously better than that of the ceramic COB light source; 3. The product design is flexible, and the serial-parallel mode of the original product chip can be changed according to customer requirements; 4. The cost performance advantage is obvious, which can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost of lamps and lanterns; 5, the power is complete, covering 3W to 100 W, can be applied to all kinds of lighting products. According to statistics, at present, COB packaged bulb lamps have occupied 40 to 50 market shares of LED bulbs, and the proportion is expected to gradually expand. The market has gradually begun to accept COB light sources and is no longer in a wait-and-see state. COB light sources have outstanding advantages of good heat dissipation performance and high cost performance, which is an important development direction for LED packaging in the future. Compared with SMD chip package and high power package, COB Package has obvious advantages. In terms of performance, through reasonable design and construction of optical lens, COB light source can effectively avoid Point Light and glare light, and can also effectively improve the color rendering index of light source by changing chip combination; In application, COB light source makes the installation and production of lamps simpler and more convenient, and can also improve the qualified rate of finished lamps. To sum up, it is not difficult to see that COB light source series products are one of the important development directions of LED lighting in the future.
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