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COB is expected to become the next hot spot for LED lighting

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-17
Recently, the Guangzhou International LED exhibition officially kicked off, and LED-related advertising companies, display companies and lighting companies have shown their tricks. Of course, for people in the lighting industry, they are still concerned about product trends and technological development. First of all, let's pay attention to the meeting rate of different types of products at the exhibition. An audience who has participated in Guangzhou International LED exhibition many times said that compared with previous years, the display rate of LED street lamps this year is significantly lower, and various indoor LED lighting products have increased significantly. Judging from the situation visited by the author, this is indeed the case. It can be seen that indoor LED lighting has been widely accepted by the market and is about to usher in a period of rapid development. Secondly, by observing different categories of indoor LED lighting, we can find that LED light source is the leading role. Whether it is a bulb or an LED corn lamp, whether it is a LEDT8/T5 or a flat panel lamp, it will always attract more people's attention. Among them, in particular, filament-shaped bulbs are concerned! Although some people doubt the actual lighting effect of filament bulb, it does not affect the market's pursuit of this product. It is understood that the price of filament-type bulbs can already be around 4 yuan/watt. Thirdly, LED lighting products tend to be homogeneous, and simple technical competition cannot form a big gap. In this case, small and medium-sized LED lighting companies have turned to promote their own fist products, looking forward to the sales of other series of products with fist products. In this case, we saw at the scene that there are as many as 30 types of LED corn lamps in enterprises that mainly produce LED corn lamps; Lept8/T5 is the main product of the company, there are more than 20 at the exhibition, no shadow, waterproof, soft lights. . . . . . All kinds of concepts have been shouted out by the manufacturers. Who can be among the best in the lett8/T5 field is still waiting for the market test. After that, when small and medium-sized LED lighting products have been recognized by the market, high-power LED lighting products with large profit margins have become one of the targets pursued by manufacturers. Among them, LEDcob type products are favored by manufacturers. Although not many enterprises exhibited COB-type products at this exhibition, they all agreed in their conversations and industry observations that at the Guangya Exhibition in June, COB lighting products may lead the way. Of course, because the main exhibitors of this exhibition are still small and medium-sized enterprises, and brands such as Philips, Osram, NVC, opal and sanxiong are absent, therefore, it remains to be seen whether the direction of LED lighting products guided by these small and medium-sized enterprises will be the mainstream product direction in the market for some time to come. However, LED lighting products have become the mainstream of the market, and the homogenization of products has been inevitable, and the competition stage of LED lighting products has basically come to an end.
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