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City 30 w solar street light LED road which need improvement

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-03
Everybody is good, this article bring today is indeed a bit late, small make up is really busy today, here to tell you I'm sorry. Small make up today to bring the city LED street lamp lighting, everybody always bright lights in the city, then the

hello, Mr Zhang to bring articles is really a bit late today. Shaw is really very busy today. I'm sorry to tell you here. Edge xiao today bring us is city LED street lamp lighting. We always see the city night lights. What are the disadvantages of these lights? Shaw answered them today. Nowadays, with the advance of human modernization, the city's infrastructure has been greatly extended, especially in cities led street lamp lighting engineering, have brought a lot of the vitality of night, become a beautiful scenery line in the city. Lack of some cities, however, LED lighting project planning, even no planning, construction, lead to many problems exist in the process of the construction LED lighting city. Led street light at present, the city's main problem is: 1, the design is novel, blindly following in some cities, led street lamp lighting is not based on the practice of the cultural features of the city itself, but rather depends on which city led lights look good and popular, blindly copying other city lighting features. As a result, the structure of the city's led lighting is the same, no features. Led growing courtyard light 2. Too festive led street lamp that everyone has a habit of special attention to the festive mood. In many cities led street light after the completion of the project, do not use at ordinary times. They only used during holidays or big events. The lights dim brightly lit during the festival, the festival is over. It greatly against the original intention of LED street lamp lighting engineering. Led lighting projects should be to people's names. 3. Led street light day and night difference is very big. There are some LED lights look very beautiful in the evening, but when they wait for the day, they lost their nightly backup, many details are clearly visible. The whole LED lights not only not beautiful and not harmonious with the surrounding natural environment, and even many security problems.
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