CirrusLogic officially enters the LED lighting market

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-22
CirrusLogic today announced the launch of CS161X series LED controllers, thus officially entering the emerging high-growth LED lighting market. The CS161X series controller uses CirrusLogic's new digital TruDim technology and has been tested and proven to be nearly 100 compatible with many dimmers. And it can directly solve the problem of dimming compatibility, which is also the main obstacle for consumers to adopt LED bulbs. At present, CirrusLogic has produced CS161X controllers in large quantities for a lighting company. CirrusLogic expects to deliver 5 million to multiple customers in 2012-10 million LED controllers. [img] /uploadpic/news/201203310828382. jpg. jpg [/img] CirrusLogic launches digital LED controller officially enters the LED lighting market LED Lighting Bureau is widely adopted by the lighting industry due to its advantages of high efficiency, long life and environmental protection, but LED lighting also has certain deficiencies, for example, LED has high cost and insufficient compatibility with ordinary lighting. Today's LED bulbs are mainly based on analog drivers, and no product can provide a wide range of dimming compatibility for dimmers installed in residential, retail stores and enterprises. The problem of incompatible dimming, including bulb flashing, flashing or failure to switch, is the main reason for the high return rate of the product. JasonRhode, president and chief executive officer of CirrusLogic, said: a few years ago, we saw the growing LED market as an area where we could use our signal processing expertise to solve meaningful engineering challenges. For today's consumers, buying LED bulbs is a frustrating experience, because once you buy them home, you find that most LED bulbs cannot be used. Facts have proved that solving the challenge of dimming compatibility is extremely complicated. We are very happy to see that one of the large LED lamp manufacturers has shown the performance of our LED controller, which can achieve close compatibility with every dimmer we can find and test. DatapointResearch, a research company, estimates that the market for LED lamps in lighting applications will increase from about 0. 2 billion lamps in 2011 to 1 billion lamps in 2015. JonGamble, an analyst at DatapointResearch, said: compatibility of LED bulbs with all existing dimming systems is one of the major challenges facing LED bulb manufacturers. In the next few years, solving dimming compatibility while maintaining cost-effectiveness is the key to accelerating the widespread adoption of LED bulbs by consumers. The CS161X series, which can realize industry dimming compatibility with digital TruDim technology, is the result of a three-year investment in TRIAC interface algorithm, LED driver topology and system architecture, which are the foundation of TruDim technology. The digital intelligence of CS161X enables the controller to identify the dimmer type in use and adjust the compatibility algorithm, providing smooth dimming in the same way consumers have expected for decades of incandescent bulbs. This intelligent adaptive digital signal processing technology cannot be realized by today's analog controllers. By Test close to 100 of dimming compatibility cirruslogic acquisition the 200 more a dimmer and R & D the compatibility test to measurement CS161X products the existing solution performance of influence. The dimming compatibility test includes tests on 120V and 230V products, covering individual and 5- Multi-lamp configuration with 10 bulbs connected in parallel mainly measures 4 key parameters to determine dimming compatibility performance :(1)Function (2)Steady state without flicker (3)Smooth dimming and (4)Dimming range (Large Value-Small value). CirrusLogic's CS161X performed close to 98 compatibility throughout the test. The compatibility of close LED controllers on the market is 71, and the average compatibility of LED controllers is 50. CS161X series product information CS161X is a new line of products for CirrusLogicLED controller solutions. It aims to help LED lamp manufacturers solve complex engineering challenges and promote the growth of high-capacity LED sales. The adaptive dimming compatibility algorithm of the CS161X series can control the boost stage to achieve good flicker-free phase dimming throughout the spectrum, including the use of leading edge, trailing edge and digital dimmer to realize light output from depth dimming to 0. CS161X integrated the use side control provide power factor school with dimmer compatibility of variable conduction mode boost converter (CRM/CCM) , Constant output current, quasi-resonant flyback or buck output stage, and suitable for 100-120VAC and 220-240VAC line voltage solution. CirrusLogic's LED Driver series solves the challenge of dimming compatibility. Subsequent products in the company's product blueprint will improve LED light color and reduce system cost to meet industry needs, it highlights the company's long-term investment in LED products.
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