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Chinese design in 2015 German iF lighting product design award

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-11
The iF Design Award, or iF for short, was founded in 1954 and is regularly held annually by Hannover Industrial Design Forum, a German industrial design organization with a long history. The iF international design forum in Germany selects the iF Design Award every year. The iF Design Award is one of the international awards. The European media also call it the Oscar for design. The CEBIT exhibition is held in Hanover every year. Just before the 2015 iF Award, 66 lighting design award works and many lighting design products in China won awards. Let's take a look at these excellent designs, AruMAZE! E27LEDLight (Plastic LED bulb) Design: Taiwan Hsinchu GIXIA Group Co. , Ltd. , manufacturer: Taiwan Kaohsiung PushPowerEnterpriseCo. , Ltd. It is an all-plastic LED bulb lamp, which opens up a new lighting era with its manufacturing technology, advanced material application, convenient assembly and simple aesthetics. The traditional metal parts are replaced by conductive plastic through double injection technology and ACLED insertion of conductive glue, thus realizing a simplified and low-cost assembly process. The well-designed LGP structure provides brilliant lighting effects. LeotekCLA-I13 (Twist Control LED bulb)Design: Lite- On's FrankGuo manufacturer: Taiwan Taipei Lite- On technology, the bulb is the world's first LED bulb that controls brightness through a twist. It can quickly and easily change the color temperature by rotating the bulb directly (3000 K/5000 K) For example, if installed on a desk lamp, the user can simply change the mode by rotating the bulb blister to adapt to specific purposes, such as reading or as background lighting. Its special bubble shell design provides a 320 illumination angle without any spotlights. The design of the central hollow heat dissipation vent provides efficient heat dissipation and helps to ensure more stable LED operation. The CLA- I13 also passed the International IEC62471 standard. MIPortableLight (Portable LED lamp) Design/production enterprise: MI portable lamp of Xiaomi company in Beijing, China can be powered by USB ports such as mobile power supply, notebook computer/PC, etc. There are 6 1. 5-watt LED lights provide efficient lighting in various schemes, such as reading and even outdoor environment. The flexible lamp body has great flexibility and a variety of bright colors to choose from. Its thin and integrated design makes it very portable and is an ideal light source for daily use. MIPOWPlaybulbColor (Bluetooth speaker light) Design/production enterprise: Shenzhen Baojia Battery Technology Co. , Ltd. , China. This LED bulb combines wireless, speaker, color mixing and other functions, and can be used for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android and Android4. 3 and above operations. The shape is carefully designed, which not only imitates the traditional light bulb, but also has a modern feeling. Advanced audio technology is used to create high-definition sound quality, suitable for E27/E26 lamp holder. The application can turn LED lights on/off, control brightness and RGB colors. The application can also set playing music, light wake-up, energy saving, night and sleep modes. MiPowPlaybulbRainbow (Color-changing Bluetooth bulb) Design/production enterprise: Shenzhen Baojia Battery Technology Co. , Ltd. , China, this LED bulb has adjustable RGB color, control Additional functions such as turning lights on/off, adjusting light brightness, selecting RGB colors and controlling through applications running on Apple and Android devices, suitable for E27/E26 screw lamp ports, via Bluetooth 4. 0 for smooth transmission. QisDesignHatha (Table Lamp) Design: BenQ company Fashion Design Center, manufacturer: Taiwan Taipei BenQ company inspired by yoga, the curved lamp body design of this LED desk lamp is like a person's body, it consists of a metal base of zinc alloy and a flexible rubber lamp body, which is very flexible and allows users to freely adjust the angle and height to meet their needs. With high power LED and lens design, high luminous efficiency can provide sufficient brightness for reading. It brings strength and beautiful feelings while illuminating your inner life. KapselLighting (Lamp) Design: China Guangdong Jiangmen Jiangmen IDesign Product Design Co. , Ltd. ChenYonghang, MaXin, LinXia Jiangmen Wuyi University ChenYonghang, LiWeiqing, LiJiaqiang manufacturing enterprise: A new type of LED lamp from Guangdong ELX Lighting Technology Co. , Ltd. in Jiangmen, Guangdong, China. The innovations are as follows: 1) Like capsules, small and full of vitality, breaking the traditional bulb shape; 2) The lampshade is made of light diffuse PC material, which makes the diffusion of light more uniform; 3)Radiator (Aluminum or thermal conductive plastic)Being integrally formed, the inner space improves the cooling efficiency; 4) The assembly is more convenient and fast, saving the time for manual operation; 5)It is safe and reliable and has passed various security certifications. Julia (Indoor lighting)Design: Phoenix lighting in Xiamen, China (Xiamen) JeanChen manufacturer of limited company: LuxuniGmbH in Lille, Germany, is elegant and graceful in appearance, exquisite in mould, with a central thickness of 25mm and a edge of only 7. 2mm. Innovative Curved Light technology with excellent uniform light distribution, several models of LED lights: 15 watts (Diameter 300mm), 20 watts (Diameter 400mm), 25 watts (Diameter 500mm)30 watts (Diameter 600mm). FLEXImini (Small fish tank lamp) Design/production enterprise: FLEXImini of TAIKONG company in Taipei City, Taiwan is the world's small fish tank lamp. The advanced full spectrum White LED and the overall material aviation aluminum and concentric circle design can significantly improve the quality of your aquarium.
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