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China to implement mandatory LED lighting standards in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-10
The European Union issued the 'new energy efficiency regulations for LED lighting products' earlier this year, requiring all LED lighting products exported to Europe to meet the new energy efficiency standards from September 1 this year, the energy efficiency standards of LED lighting products will be gradually improved in September 1 this year, September 1, 2014 and September 1, 2016. With the continuous expansion of LED lighting applications, products are becoming more and more abundant, and consumers are gradually accepting this new type of light source. At the same time, LED products have also exposed many problems and are in urgent need of industry standards and specifications. People familiar with the matter said that mandatory national lighting safety standards in mainland China are currently being formulated and are expected to be issued next year. The introduction of new standards is the coexistence of risks and opportunities for enterprises: a batch of enterprises whose products do not meet the standards will be blocked out and gradually eliminated by the market; And those enterprises with excellent quality will go better and better. For a long time, the LED lamp market has been accused of serious disorderly competition. Due to the lack of upstream core technology, this young emerging market is mired in homogeneous competition. Large factories and small factories can produce, and everyone is fighting for the price. This is the helpless voice of a listed company's technicians. At present, China's LED lighting market is caught in a misunderstanding of price war. All products are basically launched around price. Excessive price competition makes it difficult to guarantee the quality of products. Buyers in many European and American countries give up China's LED products and have a certain fear of MADEINCHINA. Nie Pengxiang, president of excitation testing, expressed concern about the current price war of LED lighting in China, which reflects the lack of industry standards. All lighting products in Europe and the United States, including LED, must comply with the international lighting Commission (IEC) The published international standard divides lighting hazards into four levels, of which the safety level of household lighting products must be level 0 or level 1, products above grade 2 must be labeled to remind consumers. However, in the past, the LED standards in mainland China have become recommended standards, resulting in worrying about the safety performance of some LED products in China.
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