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China's LED lighting products export report in the first quarter of 2015: BRICS countries

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-05
A few days ago csaresearch released the 2015 1st of the, china led lighting products export Quarterly (2015Q1) ', The export situation of China's LED lighting products in first quarter of 2015 was analyzed. The report shows that after the rapid growth in 2014, the export amount reached in the first quarter of 2015. US $3. 7 billion, but the growth rate decreased by 8 percentage points compared with the same period last year, indicating that the export pressure of semiconductor lighting products in China has increased. Figure 1 2011- Q1 2015 China's annual LED export amount corresponds to the export market. In the first quarter of 2015, the United States and the European Union were still major export destinations, with the United States continuing to maintain rapid growth, the market share expanded by 3 percentage points compared with the end of 2014. Asean countries became the third largest export destination after a substantial increase of 90, and the EU remained stable. Among them, the BRICS countries also dropped significantly year on year, with their market share shrinking from 14 in 2014 to 6. The following are the market conditions of the BRICS countries in the first quarter of 2015: 1. The export amount decreased by 21 year-on-year, accounting for only 5. The BRICS countries are important emerging markets in China, showing an explosive growth trend in 2014. In first quarter of 2015, the growth trend of exports has slowed down. According to customs data, in first quarter of 2015, the exports of BRICS countries were only 1. US $2. 1 billion, down about from first quarter of 2014. BRICS countries export accounted for export total of 7/Than 2014 (13)Down 5 percentage points. Fig. 2 China's export situation of LED lighting products to BRICS countries. Judging from the growth rate, after four consecutive quarters of more than 250 outbreaks from fourth quarter of 2013 to fourth quarter of 2014, it was affected by the slowdown in Russia's export growth rate, fourth quarter of 2014 China of BRICS countries of export growth down to 86 about of growth single quarter exports about for 3. 0. 5 billion. Affected by Russia's export decline and China's Spring Festival holiday, the growth rate dropped sharply in first quarter of 2015, from 86-21. Figure 3 the export amount of our country's LED lighting products to the BRIC countries compared with the traditional market, the BRIC countries have relatively small trade barriers. With the increasing export threshold of the United States, Japan and Europe, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, domestic enterprises have begun to increase their investment in emerging markets, 2011- In 2014, the proportion of BRIC countries continued to grow, especially Russia and India, which grew significantly faster than other regions. In 2014, Russia's overall growth rate reached 274, ranking second only in the United States. However, in first quarter of 2015, Russia's exports were only 34. 96 million US dollars, up from first quarter of 2014- 66, equivalent to the export level in 2011. The market ranking also dropped from 2nd to 17. In the remaining three countries (India, Brazil, South Africa) Exports have increased to varying degrees, with year-on-year increases of 85, 68 and 34 respectively. Table 1 China's export of LED lighting products to BRICS countries (Million dollars) 2. The growth rate of export products has slowed down. China's LED lighting products are exported to BRICS countries in a quantity-driven manner. Self-2013 2 Quarter 52. 66 The growth rate began to soar to the first quarter of 2014. The growth rate of LED lamps exported by China to BRICS countries has risen to 337. 07. Due to the ultra-high growth in 2013, the growth rate of quantity slowed down in 2014 and increased to 53. In first quarter of 2015. 5, but on the whole, the number is still growing, and this situation will continue. Fig. 4 China's export volume of LED lighting products to BRICS countries 3. The average export price has dropped in a shocking manner, while in the same period, the price of LED lamps has shown a shocking downward trend since the third quarter of 2013. The average price of LED lighting products exported by China to BRICS countries is 2-$6/only (Pieces, pieces, sets)The price difference with Europe, the United States and Japan is not large. With the exception of shadowless lamps, ceiling lamps, explosion-proof lamps and other lamps with higher added value and stronger ability to offset the falling price, LED lighting products, which account for more than of the export share, show a downward trend in prices. Figure 5 average unit price of LED lighting products exported by China to BRICS countries (USD/only) Source: China Customs, CSAResearch
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