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China's LED industry will continue to struggle in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-27
At the end of the year, the LED capital market was not calm. After the news of the IPO restart came out, it caused shocks in all walks of life. The stock market not only suffered a black Monday when nearly 400 stocks fell, but also 2/3 of the stocks in the growth enterprise market fell below the half-year line. How much joy and sorrow, for companies that want to go public through IPO, IPO restart is a good thing, they can quickly form a scale through listing, reduce costs, and seize the LED market. However, after the restart, it will intensify competition in the industry and trigger a new round of reshuffle. At present, more than half of the 83 listed companies are going to be listed on the GEM. LED listed companies are basically on the GEM. The stock market crash has caused the stock prices of listed LED companies to surge. However, there is no denying the fact that every major economic and social change is like a navigation mark, giving LED market a sailing opportunity. For example, China has started the semiconductor lighting project to establish an industrial base, the 10-city LED lighting demonstration project, the road map for China to phase out incandescent lamps, and the State Council 4. The introduction of the 5 trillion new energy-saving policy is a big bull market. As the second largest economy, the growth rate of China's real economy is among the top students. However, the imperfect capital market system and mechanism and the low transparency of information have led some enterprises to expand endlessly and spread big cakes in a great leap forward. In recent years, the whole society has been flooded with liquidity, and the speed and intensity of expansion deviate from the market carrying capacity, even leading to overcapacity in some fields. However, a healthy market with wealth effect can continuously absorb social capital, and the wealth effect can be transformed into an endless supply of domestic demand power and national wealth. As early as the beginning of the year, when the Shenzhen abolition order came out, the controversy over the tightness of the two hands of the market and the supervision was on the rise. As an emerging industry in a transitional economy, the market will have experienced the transition, and enterprises will experience from less to more, and then from more to less, eventually forming a winner-take-all oligarch pattern. Therefore, while insisting on letting the market mechanism play its role in the general direction, the government cannot indulge in herding sheep on the hillside and give up. China's LED industry has been in the bear for several years, during which thousands of enterprises have emerged, and some small and medium-sized enterprises have been wiped out due to poor management. China's LED industry is in a transition period of climbing over the threshold. With the overall deepening of industry reform, healthy entity enterprises must be provided to promote it. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate real enterprises with a long-term strategic vision, with less demand, more care, positive standardization and correct guidance. The rise of industrial powers cannot be separated from healthy and strong enterprise support. In the extraordinary development process of China's LED industry, the outside world has had too many arguments about the LED industry, but no matter how to blame it, the rapid development of the LED industry is beyond doubt, this year, the National Industrial scale exceeded 250 billion yuan, which is a good affirmation for all LED people. In 2014, LED people will continue to hit the road and work together for the growth of the industry.
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